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Sakura vs. Ino - Chuunin Exam Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sakura vs. Ino - Chuunin Exam

The two young women who has a great feeling on Sasuke fought in the battle ground of the elimination round.

We all know that the two of them were best friends since the day they met Sasuke. They became rivals when the two of them fell in loved with him.

Sakura removes the sign of their country then she placed it in her fore head saying "This is the sign of courage". Both of them did it then they started the fight. They kept on attacking each other. Both of them did the same moves without getting injured. But suddenly, Ino now has the chance to defeat Sakura but as she remembers their past friendship, she just slapped Sakura. INo cut her hair and continued the fight. Then, she tricked sakura by letting her believe that she is unconcious because of wrong use of her special technique (the shintenshin technique) but it was just a fake. Ino did this to have time for her to make a string made up of her hair and shacra. When she caught Sakura, she did the shintenshin technique. When Ino was about to control sakura's body Naruto shouted to wake up sakura's soul. Sakura then made Ino get out of her head. After that, they both attacked and fainted. As a result, they got eliminated

Submitted by Angelic

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