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Chouji vs. Jiroubo - Rescue Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Chouji vs. Jiroubo - Rescue Sasuke

Naruto Summary, The Rescue Sasuke Mission Arc

Chouji vs. Jiroubo

Chouji decided to fight Jiroubo all by himself and he told Naruto-tachi to go on. Jiroubou charges forward to stop them, but Chouji pops a glass case with three pills in it, and takes the first one (in the manga, these pills appear grey, white, and black, but they described as blue, yellow, and red). Jiroubou wonders what these large tri-colored pills are, and Chouji eats the blue pill, which he calls "houren-gan". Suddenly, he is able to leap up and stop the enormous Jiroubou in mid-charge. But these pills have horrible side effects . . . And Choujiís beginning to feel that side effect as he pushed Jiroubo away. Chouji the did the Multisize no Jutsu and he became a . . . giant. As he rolls toward Jiroubou, the latter performs a seal, Doruku Gaeshi, which makes a wall of earth leap up in front of him as protection. But Chouji's attack rolls right through the protection, knives cutting into his enemy as he crushes him. But now, Jiroubou's cuneiform curse seal snakes across him, and he thrusts the boy away with his new strength, using "houshou", the crushing fist. Chouji's thrown down. Jiroubou taunts him, saying that he must be the loser to have been left behind as a pawn. Chouji says that the same thing is true of Jiroubou. But the insult hits close to home-Asuma's scolding and Ino's insults, Naruto and Kiba's dismissal of his worth to the mission, and his own sense of inferiority. Jiroubou, seeing his discomfiture, presses the psychological advantage, calling Chouji "trash". But then Chouji remembers someone else's opinion: Shikamaru, with his respect for Chouji, even his statement that he believed Chouji could beat him in a fight; and his choice of Chouji for this important mission. He opens the case of the yellow pill, and armed with Shikamaru's faith in him, takes the pill. He chooses to see that Shikamaru left him not because of weakness, but because Shikamaru trusted him to take care of Jiroubou on his own. He uses the Multisize no jutsu on his arm and he . . . uhh, pinned Jiroubo^^;; But apparently, Jiroubo manages to throw Chouji off. But chouji manages no perform the MEGA MULTISIZE NO JUTSU and he crushed Jiroubo under him. Little does he know, that Jiroubo has activated his 2nd seal. And Jiroubo manages to lift Chouji with one arm. Chouji looks down in horror: Jiroubou is too strong for even his megi-multi-size technique. Jiroubou strikes his belly with Shou-Geki-Shou, an upward palm strike, and his gargantuan bulk flies up and crashes into the forest. At last, Jiroubou's level 2 form is revealed; dark skin, with lumps on his shoulders, forehead, and back, like a horned toad's. As Jiroubou basks in his power-complaining of the strain it takes on his chakra-Chouji feels the strain of the yellow "curry" pill's power. Suddenly, the pain is so great that he can't move. He collapses. He is sure that the only remaining pill, the red "pepper" pill, would kill him if he uses it. But Jiroubou is preparing to attack! As Jiroubo prepares to hit Chouji, Chouji concentrated his chakra to his hand and drove his fist into Jiroubo. Crying out that it was inforgivable for Jiroubou to mock his friend, Chouji strikes him. Rocks rise, and chakra flares-and the curse seal slowly recedes from Jiroubou's face, leaving him unconscious, perhaps dead. Chouji breathes a few times-then falls to his back, gasping for breath; he has actually won.

Chouji pulls himself up, still breathing heavily, and slowly moves into the forest where his friends have gone. One hand on his chest, the other braced on a tree, he turns, shocked at what he sees-and remembers his father's kind words: that because of his kind heart, he would someday find a true friend. As he thinks of his father, a tear runs down his nose, falling past the emblem of the Akimichi Clan on his shirt, and to the ground. He has come to the tree with the carved-in arrow that Shikamaru left for him. Chouji slumped against the tree, and there he lies motionless . . . (I guess he died . . . *cries*)

Update (nope...he didn't die..watch the later episodes to find out the details)

Submitted by tezuka_zone

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