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Tsunade vs Naruto Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Tsunade vs Naruto

Angered by Tsunade’s derogatory comments about the Sandaime and the Hokage title itself, Naruto shouts a challenge at Tsunade from atop the restaurant table. Tsunade, amused, calmly takes the fight outside into the street, and informs Naruto that she will defeat a lowly genin like him with only one finger.

Naruto becomes even angrier at this, and heatedly hurls three shuriken at Tsunade. The Sannin dodges. Naruto draws a kunai and charges, but the elder ninja easily dodges under his attack, hooks the kunai out of his hand with her single finger, and then knocks his forehead protector off in one fluid movement. Naruto manages to stay on his feet, but Tsunade follows up with a single finger flick to the forehead, knocking him back several feet with her monstrous strength. The battered genin refuses to admit defeat, but as if on cue, his kunai and forehead protector land right in front of him, making him realize just how powerful Tsunade really is.

Amused at Naruto’s cluelessness, Tsunade asks, “Hey kid, why do you care about the Hokage name so much?” “Unlike you, I’m definitely going to take on the Hokage name. Being Hokage is my dream!” Naruto shouts back.

Reminding her of her loved ones, Naruto’s words have a profound effect on Tsunade, who suddenly becomes lost in thought. Naruto takes the opportunity to activate his incomplete Rasengan and charge at Tsunade once again, but Tsunade snaps out of her daydream and strikes the ground with her single finger. The Sannin’s fearsome strength causes the ground to crack and split beneath Naruto, who loses his balance and only manages to make a large, spiral-shaped hole in the ground. Naruto gets stuck into the ravine caused by Tsunade’s attack and is unable to fight any more, ending the battle.

Submitted by 8th-Shichinintai

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