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Tsunade vs Kabuto Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Tsunade vs Kabuto

Just before healing Orochimaru’s arms, Tsunade realizes that to betray Konoha is to betray her loved ones’ memory, the only thing she still has of them. “All things with form perish. That’s what you said. But this feeling won’t perish,” Tsunade tells Orochimaru, weeping with the renewed memory of Nawaki and Dan.

“The negotiations have broken down then. I will have to ask you by force,” replies Orochimaru. Tsunade answers with a flying kick, creating a giant crater in the ground as Orochimaru and Kabuto jump away. Tsunade continues to press the attack, but Kabuto and Orochimaru lead her away from the castle to a rocky field; Kabuto plans to fight her first, and he needs an open area to keep his distance during the battle. Also, moving to a different location would eliminate the possibility of Jiraiya finding them.

After several more devastating attacks, Tsunade begins to tire, and Kabuto readies his counterattack by taking a soldier pill. He then uses the boost of chakra to create chakra scalpels on his hands: a medical ninja’s jutsu that allows him to cut muscles and organs upon contact. Kabuto then quickly tunnels through the ground with Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Decapitation Technique) to strike at Tsunade’s legs, but she sees him coming and dodges.

Tsunade strikes back, but Kabuto outmaneuvers her and manages to strike her right leg and arm, cutting her muscles with his chakra scalpels. Tsunade lands a punch, but with her muscles cut, she is no longer able to use her monstrous strength. Thus, the punch barely phases Kabuto, who continues to attack and manages to strike Tsunade’s chest, cutting a subcoastal muscle. With her essential respiratory muscle damaged, Tsunade falls to her knees, barely able to breathe.

“We can’t let you die yet, so I won’t attack your vital organs. But now, you can’t move anymore.” Kabuto proclaims triumphantly as he takes a moment to adjust his glasses. However, Tsunade apparently CAN still move; she leaps forward and strikes Kabuto on the back of the head while he still has his eyes closed. Kabuto tries to get back to his feet, but finds that Tsunade has hit him with an electrical nerve attack, confusing the signals between his brain and muscles. Upon trying to move his arm, his leg moves instead, and vice versa.

Both combatants take the opportunity to recover, Tsunade using a healing jutsu to mend her torn subcoastal muscle, and Kabuto figuring out which limb moves when he tries to move something. Kabuto recovers first, and draws a kunai as he charges Tsunade. Surprised, Tsunade has not yet finished healing and is unable to defend herself, but a smoke bomb explodes between them, forcing Kabuto to back off. As the smoke clears, Jiraiya, Shizune, Naruto, and Ton-Ton are shown to be standing at Tsunade’s side.

Despite the new development, Tsunade finishes healing herself and charges Kabuto, knocking the kunai out of his hand to lodge in a boulder. Kabuto is pushed back by Tsunade’s attack; still feeling the effects of her disorienting nerve attack, he is unable to move as fast as he normally would. Tsunade corners him against the boulder, but Kabuto manages to recover his kunai to defend himself. “Too slow!” Tsunade shouts as she moves in for the kill, but Kabuto slashes his own hand to splash Tsunade with blood. Tsunade goes into shock because of her hemophobia, and is unable to defend herself as Kabuto punches her back several feet. Shizune catches Tsunade and tends to her as Jiraiya and Naruto move in to protect her, ending Tsunade’s current involvement in the battle.

Submitted by 8th-Shichinintai

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