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Uchiha Sasuke

OriginLeaf Village, Uchiha Clan
Birthday23rd July
Special FeatureSharingan, Dragon Fire, Powerful Fireball, Shadow Shuriken, Mythical Fire
DescriptionSasuke is the number 1 student at the Ninja Academy. He's greatest ambition is to revive his Uchiha Clan, which apparent was eradicated by a certain man or assassin, in order to avenge for the death of his clan, he also wants to kill this man. Sasuke was paired with Sakura and Naruto in this training session with Naruto and Sakura.

Profile Version II: Uchiha Sasuke: the lone wolf of Naruto’s group, this supposed bishounen is a lone wolf; antisocial to the extreme, and always vengeful. Humorless and quiet, he believes that his friends get in his way, and sometimes pay the consequences of ignoring them. He, too, is very obstinate, and is the oppose of Naruto, in that he is absolutely serious about everything. He is one of the last of his Uchiha clan, who bore the power of Sharingan.

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