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OriginMist Village
Special FeatureDemonic Ice Mirrors, Water Needles

Haru is a powerful Junin level ninja despite his age. Haku follows and protects Momochi Zabuza since Zabuza picked him up when he was young. Haku is very respectful toward Zabuza.

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 15
First Anime Appearance: Episode 9
Hidden Village: Mist Village
Rank: Hunter-Nin
Notable Features: Wears a Hunter-Nin mask, Feminine Appearance
Notable Quotes: "When a person has something precious to protect, that's when they can become truly strong."

A Hunter-Nin from Hidden Mist village, known for his bloodline ability to manipulate water and turn it into ice weaponery. Dressed in the garb of a Hidden Mist Hunter-Nin, Haku actually serves as the subordinate of Momochi Zabuza, a missing nin from Hidden Mist village.

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