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Uzumaki Naruto

OriginLeaf Village
Birthday10th October
Special FeatureSexy, Harem, Shadow Clone, Shadow Shuriken, Naruto Combo, Summoning
DescriptionNaruto is an orphan and since he enbodies the spirit of a nine-tail dragon that destroyed many Leaf Village lives 12 years ago, the village people treats him as the nine-tail dragon and all act very cold toward him. Growing up without parents and any friends, Naruto always tries to be funny and mess up on purpose in order to get attention. Although Naruto's grades at the the Ninja Academy is extremely bad, he trains very hard in order to improve his skills. Naruto later paired up with Sakura and Sasuke to train with Kakashi. Naruto has a crush on Sakura, but unfortunately, Sakura's heart has already been taken by Sasuke.

Profile Version II: Uzumaki Naruto: possessing a strong will to exceed the Hokage, this boy is very loud, outgoing, and never backs down from a fight. However, his strengths are his weaknesses, as he manages to always look goofy and comical, often at the expense of stealth. Discretion means nothing to this boy.

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