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OriginLeaf Village
PersonalityCruel, heart-less, manipulative
DescriptionOrochimaru, one of the legendary sannin, is a missing nin. He has a banded his homeland and is wanted for the use of many illegal jutsus. Orochimaru, from the Hidden Village of the Leaf, was trained by the Hokage himself, and is absolutely infatuated with every jutsu in existence, so he has developed an illegal jutsu that will allow him to transfer himself into another personís body in order to have eternal life. He now has his eye on a very young and successful boy of the name Uchiha Sasuke, which has the bloodline limit Sharingan. This bloodline limit will allow him to copy any jutsu much easier. After leaving the village, he joined an illegal organization called Akatsuki. It is not known what this organization does, but it is known that they travel in groups of two. He also is in control of the entire Hidden Village of Sound, and has four bodyguards all with the curse seal on them.

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