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Haruno Sakura

OriginLeaf Village
Birthday28th March
Special FeatureCancel

Sakura is the most intelligent ninja in the village. Her greatest strength is of course, her intelligence. She believes that her forehead is extradinarily big and also has a big crush on Uchiha Sasuke, who apparently, is too occupied with reviving his village and killing a certain murderer. Sakura paired with up with Naruto and Sasuke to train with Kakashi in the Genin training.

While shy on the outside, she is very fierce on the inside, evident by Inner Sakura, who pops in on occasion for comedic relief. She is not very strong physically, but her keen sense of intelligence and enthusiasm towards learning and improving herself make up for it. She, too, can be very stubborn when she sets her mind to things.

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 3
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Rank: Genin - Team 7
Age: 12
Jounin Master: Hatake Kakashi
Notable Features: In love with Uchiha Sasuke, Excellent Student, Knack for Genjutsu
Notable Quotes: "Everyone, this time, get a good look at my back."

A Genin from the village of Konoha, Sakura is a teammate of Uzumaki Naruto. Though Naruto has a crush on her, she does not return the feelings. She instead focuses all her attention on Uchiha Sasuke. But like Naruto to her, Sasuke finds Sakura more annoying than anything.

Haruno Sakura participates with her team in the Chuunin Exam. During the second test, Orochimaru makes his move towards Sasuke and places a cursed seal on his neck. Naruto is also injured by Orochimaru in the process. It was then up to Sakura to protect them in the Forest of Death when the three Sound Genin began to attack. Sakura came to realize she hadn't been much help in previous missions but this time she could prove herself. She fought back against the Genin, but wasn't much of a match for them. After Ino and her team showed up, Sasuke awoke and was able to drive off the Sound Genin with his new cursed seal power. Later in the third round preliminary match, Sakura was placed against Ino for her match. Both young women had a deep rivalry between them, both longing for the affection of Sasuke. To that end they decided to go all out and fight each other, in the end though they both knocked each other out and scored a double K.O.. As a result they were both eliminated.

Advancement Data
Academy Grad Age: 12
Chuunin Exam Age: -

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 7
C-Rank: 1
B-Rank: 0
A-Rank: 0
S-Rank: 0


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