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Kimimaru (Manga Only)

OriginSound Village
DescriptionKimimaru, the last survivor of the Kaguya Clan, is very much like Haku in that he will do anything to help Orochimaru. He, like all the other Kaguya Clan, can manipulate their skeletal structure and create as many bones as they please. These are bloodline limits that have been passed down through the ages. One of his many jutsus is where he shoots bones out of his fingertips at his enemies. He is also equipped with many dancing jutsus. He is said to be so strong that if he was in the Attack of the Leaf that Orochimaru would have won without so much as a second glance, but why wasnít he there? Kimimaruís big weakness is that he has a disease that will not allow him to be up and about when he chooses. It is not said exactly what type of disease this is.

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