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Episode 100 - Strong Teacher-Student Bonds ~When A Man Breaks The Ninja Way~ Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 100 - Strong Teacher-Student Bonds ~When A Man Breaks The Ninja Way~. Written by Mayo Sanchez
Iruka watches Konohamaru walk out of class in high spirits and then spots Lee walking down the hallway. Lee puts his crutches down, feeling powerless that Konoha is in trouble and he can't do anything to help. Meanwhile, Tsunade reads book after book for a way to regenerate cells. Lee remembers the first time he met Gai as a kid. Gai believed in him even when Neji laughed at him. He never gave up his dream to become a great ninja using only taijutsu. Gai taught him that with a strong will and hard work, he could make it. Gai often practiced what he preached. He would duel his arch rival Kakashi time and time again. Lee remembers one time Kakashi chose rock, paper, scissors and Gai declared that if he did not win, he'd walk 500 laps around Konoha on his hands!

As Lee is reminiscing Gai confronts him about missing rehab for the last two days. Lee tells Gai that he's always believed that hard work would lead to success, but now things don't look so well. Even if he believes in himself, he's still playing the odds with this surgery. What should he do? Gai realizes Lee is in need of a pep talk and explains that yes, this is challenging, but if he gives up his dreams, he gives up his purpose. Living without purpose can be more painful than death. Therefore, Gai advises him to accept the surgery.

Tsunade continues to study while Lee reminisces. When Gai lost that rock, paper, scissors match, he completed 500 laps, even when the villagers laughed at him. He vowed to keep his promise until he died. Gai then explains that he always puts himself into a situation of great pressure. By increasing the stakes, he becomes more focused. And if he fails, he simply trains harder. Back then, Gai promised to train Lee until Lee became as strong as himself.
Gai promises that the surgery will succeed, but if it fails, they will die together. Since he met Lee, his purpose was to make Lee a great ninja. Without that purpose, there'd be no point in living.

At that moment Shizune looks over Tsunade's notes. It appears that Tsunade was able to figure out how to increase the results to 58%! That day, Tsunade is inaugurated as Konoha's Fifth Hokage.

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