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Episode 103 - Naruto Sunk?! The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot. Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 103 - Naruto Sunk?! The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot.. Written by geniuschi
Aoi sends his rain nin - who happen to be the same genin rain nin our Konoha team found in the Chuunin exam - after Idate and the nins. Meanwhile, Gokaroh, leader of the Wagarashi clan, chides Boss Jirochu for making this race a farce. Jirochu assures him to wait until the finish to pass judgment. Gokaroh warns that he will ask for the Wasabi clan to be disbanded if they lose.

Idate remembers how he met Jirochu when he attempted to rob him as a small, hungry boy. Jirochu took pity on him and gave him an apple to eat and a knife to peel it. Idate was so happy he asked to be the Jirochu's subordinate.

The Konoha genin wonder what Idate has planned so Naruto catches up just as Idate realizes he's caught in an illusory technique. He sees an exit and runs out - and off a cliff. Naruto catches Idate while Sasuke pulls them up. It seems it was a double illusory technique.

Idate then explains his strategy. During this season a strong wind blows so it's faster to go north. The group makes its way to Nagi Island where Idate will sail to follow the currents. As they sail, the Konoha genin discuss the Chuunin exam where they have finally referenced the Morino name. Their instructor for the written exam was Morino Ibiki. Idate can't believe his brother is still alive - and is apparently known for giving weird questions on the 10th problem. Soon an arrow hits the boat and the rain nins pull closer to board. They clone themselves, and Naruto Kage Bunshins to fight the water clones. Soon, Sakura realizes it's raining oil and stops Sasuke from using a fire technique, but the rain nins are able to shoot their own fire arrow and soon the entire ship goes up in flames. Idate remembers his brother sitting among flames telling him to flee. And refuses to take off and abandon them. Sakura tries to talk some sense into Idate that hey can swim to Nagi Island from here. He fears the genin will try to use him as a decoy and declines. Sakura, in her one act of grand mightiness through this entire anime, rips a large wooden post from its foundation and swings it furiously to take out the remaining water clones. She then jumps in front of Idate to take a kunai to the shoulder that was intended for him. As the boat sinks, Idate finally is convinced to swim on to Nagi Island where Aoi is waiting.

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