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Episode 104 - Run, Idate! The Stormy, Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 104 - Run, Idate! The Stormy, Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!!. Written by geniuschi
Once Idate reaches the shore alone Aoi taunts him by telling him that only a horrible person would betray his own brother and then abandon his village.

Meanwhile the Konoha genin face their rain nin foes underneath the water. When Naruto is pulled under and trapped he Kage Bunshins and commands several of his clones to sink lower and start Rasengan below. Soon, Naruto has a mighty whirlpool brewing within the water which destroys the clones after which he grabs Sakura and swims to the water's surface.

Sasuke swims to shore amazed at how powerful Naruto has gotten while Naruto runs across the water's surface. He trips over a rock and he and Sakura are thrown to Nagi Island's beach area where Sakura pretends to be unconscious in hopes that Sasuke might give her mouth to mouth, but Naruto steps up for that job. When she peaks out and sees Naruto's lips inching closer to her, she abruptly awakens and punches him hard.

At this point Aoi has Idate trapped in his rain prison and by now Fusuku has reached the shrine, while Aoi's rain drains all Idate's energy and beats him down causeing him to drop his coveted knif. When Idate reaches for his it, Aoi stomps on his hand and then repeatedly beats him shortly after Naruto and co. arrive to take on the Rain Leader. He pounds them with his downpour and explains that the toxic rain venom will soon prove fatal at which point he leaves. From the distance, they hear cheering and realize Fukusuke reached the shrine. Luckily, Fukusuke is quite cocky and takes a long break there while Sakura hands each of her team one of the pills Tsunade gave her which rejuvenated them.

After Idate awakens he remembers showing his brother the Konoha forehead protector he finally received on the day he became a genin and begins telling Naruto and co. what had happened to him. He wanted to become a ninja like his brother, but his sensei was Aoi. Shortly after he Idate had become a genin he failed the Chuunin exam and was deeply distressed because his brother had tested him and said that if they failed they would never have another opportunity at becoming Chuunins but when Aoi told him he could become Chuunin without passing the exam, he excitedly jumped at the opportunity. He stole the seal scroll and the Second's Raijin sword for his sensei and was left with little choice but to leave Konoha for the village of Rain with Aoi. After that, he felt he couldn't do anything right but Boss Jirochu believed in him when no one else did. Naruto reminisces back to when he failed the genin exam and understands that Idate is like him. He then exclaims that one person believes in him - isn't that enough? The race isn't over yet and Naruto will even carry him if he can't run. If he fails here, he will be a loser for the rest of his life. With that said Naruto picks up Idate and the two head to the shrine.

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