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Episode 105 - Almost to the Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 105 - Almost to the Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle. Written by GeniusChi
Fukusuki continues to celebrate with women and food when Aoi warns him that he might be celebrating prematurely. Meanwhile at the bottom of Modoroki Shrine, Naruto begins his ascent up the long flight of stairs to the top of the shrine carrying Idate.

Along the way, Naruto asks about Idate's 10th problem. It was explained as a competition among the 3-man genin teams. Among teammates, one person will fail and remain a genin forever. But they also had the choice to quit now and take the exam in six months. If one person quits, the entire team will fail. Most of the people in the room remained. When Ibiki scanned the room, he decided that everyone who remained fails. Idate asked his brother why he failed everyone, but Ibiki simply told him that a ninja must understand all his circumstances. He must figure out the answer on his own. As they reach the top the crowd starts cheering and Fukusuki makes a run for it with his orb. When Naruto and Idate finally reach the top naruto topples over and Idate grabs the orb, heading out on his own two feet.

As Idate closes in on Fukusuki Aoi warns him to cross the bridge so he can destroy it. When Idate comes up to it, Aoi is waiting with his sword of Raijin. Out of nowhere Naruto appears again and smacks Aoi with a mud ball then uses Kage Bunshin to form Rasengan. He then tries to take on the invincible lightning sword but fails. The Second's grand katana wins the battle and Naruto is thrown back and Aoi directs his attention to Idate.

That night long ago when Idate had betray his village, Ibiki reprimanded Idate for leaving with the stolen goods and demanded he turn himself in. Aoi used his rain army to capture and torture Ibiki until he agreed to translate a scroll. Ibiki refused while his little brother watched him be tortured and even renounced being a ninja. Ibiki plotted his and Idate's escape and as Idate ran, the building exploded behind him, thinking that his brother was dead he never went back to Konoha.

Aoi explains to Idate that his brother Ibiki never betrayed Idate or his village and just as he is about to strike, Sasuke and Sakura join the battle. Sasuke tries Chidori but he is thrown back and Aoi laughs at the legendary Uchiha's weakness, Sasuke demands he take it back. Angrily, he forms another Chidori and attacks the sword manageing to crack the lightning sword before being caught up in the Raijin's energy blade and being tossed to the side at which point Sakura runs to his rescue and both topple over the cliff.

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