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Episode 106 - Will You Make It, Idate! The Never-Give-Up Last Spurt!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 106 - Will You Make It, Idate! The Never-Give-Up Last Spurt!!. Written by GeniusChi
Sakura focuses her chakra into her hands and feet to slow down their fall causeing her and Sasuke to hit the ground safely, but Sasuke still lies unconscious.

Meanwhile Naruto does Kage Bunshin and all his clones attack while the final ones prepare Rasengan. Again, Aoi cuts through the chakra spiral and knocks Naruto back. Soon, Naruto notices the crack in the sword and sees an opportunity. If he can hit the sword at precisely the point where Sasuke cracked it with his Chidori, it should snap.

Again, Naruto prepares Rasengan. He rushes Aoi and pushes his chakra spiral through the crack, breaking the sword and throwing Aoi off the cliff into the water below. Naruto then rushes to the cliff's edge to check on his teammates at which point Sakura tell him they are ok before turning his attention back to the race. He and Idate climb on one of the suspension bridge ropes and Naruto reaches for a kunai to cut the rope with but notices that they all fell when he rescued Idate, but luckly Idate hands him his precious knife and he cuts the rope with it. They swing over to the other side and head towards the finish line.

The crowd cheers as Fukusuku runs towards the finish line, but Idate isn't far behind. He runs as hard as he can and wins the race.

Boss Jirochu praises him and then sends him out into the crowd to receive his winner's cheer. Gokaroh objects that Idate had the ninja carry him so he should be disqualified at which point The Lord of Tea Country explains that there is no such rule and disbands the Wagaraski family for their evil deeds.

Later, Ibiki sails to Tea Country to collect Sasuke, who is still injured. Idate bows to Ibiki saying that he finally understands what his brother had said and Ibiki smiles to himself as he walks away. Meanwhile, Aoi's words ring though Sasuke's head. He is the weakest of the Uchiha clan. He is weak.

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