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Episode 108 - The Unseen Crack Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 108 - The Unseen Crack. Written by manga_zero
Sakura jumps between the two dueling boys as the Sound Four head into the outskirts of Konoha. Suddenly, Kakashi appears and grabs the hands of each of the boys, redirecting their blows into two nearby water towers. Water gushes from Sasuke's blow, but only trickles from the tower Naruto hit.

Kakashi recognizes Rasengan and then reprimands Sasuke for using Chidori carelessly. Why must he always prove his superiority? Sasuke doesn't feel like sitting through another of his sensei's lectures and back flips over the fence to see the back of the water towers. Naruto's Rasengan blew away the entire back of his water tower! Sasuke can't believe how powerful Naruto has become so quickly.

Kakashi focuses his attentions on Jiraiya. Rasengan could have killed Sasuke. Jiraiya says Sasuke's Chidori could have done equal damage, though he didn't think Naruto would try it on a friend. Kakashi explains that Naruto and Sasuke's relationship is a lot like Jiraiya's old relationship with Orochimaru. Naruto wants Sasuke to recognize him while Sasuke has taken notice of Naruto's incredible progress recently and feels like he's becoming overshadowed. Sasuke lives to avenge his family, yet if he recognizes how powerful Naruto has become, he negates himself. Kakashi then leaves Naruto in Jiraiya's hands. He assures Sakura things will be ok and heads off after Sasuke.

Sasuke heads to a quiet spot where he can be alone with his thoughts. He remembers getting his ass thoroughly kicked by his brother and wonders why he hasn't been improving. Soon, Kakashi shows up in lecture mode and ties his genin to a tree so he can't escape. He then explains that he's seen a lot of people who live for revenge. All have only ended up suffering. If Sasuke does get his revenge, he will only feel more hatred. Sasuke then asks how Kakashi would feel if he killed the person most important to him. Kakashi reminds him that he no longer has anyone important. They've died long ago. He's lived through bad times and knows what it feels like to love the people close to you, but now, they have Sakura and Naruto. He was given Chidori to protect them, not hurt them or seek revenge.

The three genin lose themselves in thoughts. Sakura remembers all the happy moments she shared with her teammates while Naruto reminisces about how he and Sasuke have always been friendly rivals. As Sasuke is weighing his friendship with his teammates against his quest for revenge, the Sound Four make their presence known.

Meanwhile, Kabuto asks Orochimaru if all four Sound nin were necessary to retrieve Sasuke. He doesn't think Sasuke stands a chance. Orochimaru laughs. That's why Sasuke will seek him.

The Sound Four - Sakon of Seimon (west gate), Tayuya of Hokumon (north gate) Kidoumaru of Toumon (east gate), and Jiroubou of Nanmon (south gate) - engage Sasuke in battle.

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