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Episode 110 - Konoha Five + One Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 110 - Konoha Five + One. Written by tezuka_zone
The next morning, Izumo and Kotetsu, spots Sakura sleeping on the park bench. When they calmly try to wake her, the previous nights events come flooding back and she starts screaming for Sasuke and weeping.

The guards barge into Tsunade’s office and report the troubling news: Sasuke has left the village. Tsunade immediately suspects Orochimaru and asks them to bring Shikamaru to her.

Tsunade’s guards knock on Shikamaru’s door as his family is settling down for breakfast. Soon, he reports to Tsunade to learn that Sasuke’s a missing nin and he is headed towards Sound Village by invitation of Orochimaru. Shikamaru’s first mission as a Chuunin is to bring Sasuke back. However, there is a high probability that Orochimaru’s men are guarding Sasuke. Sensing danger, he tells Tsunade to only assign Chuunin and Jounin to this mission. She assures him that she would if she could, but almost all the Jounin are out on missions except the ones needed here. He has 30 minutes to collect as many talented Genin as possible… including Naruto.

Naruto answers the door sleepily but quickly perks up when he hears about the mission. The two are soon off to find Chouji, who emerges after Shikamaru and Naruto eats a bag of potato chips. Shino is off on another mission, but Kiba is ready to go.

Neji is chatting with Lee when Shikamaru and the others explain the bad news. Lee is disappointed that he can’t come, but Neji tells him to do what he must.

The four genin gather around Shikamaru, who plans the groups strategy. They will start on offense. The formation will be as follows: Kiba in the front because he knows the geography of Fire country well and has a keen sense of smell. Shikamaru is next so he can see whats going on and signal orders to those behind. Next is Naruto, who can offer aid in both directions. Chouji will be the base because he’s the most physically powerful. And finally Neji will be last so he can scout the rear with his Byakugan.

After the formation is settled, Shikamaru gives the group a pep talk. He admits that he doesn’t have a deep attachment to Sasuke, but he is one of Konoha’s shinobi. Because of that, they will risk their lives to save him.

Just as the boys are ready to leave, Sakura stops them and she says that she wants to come. Shikamaru refuses to let her join. She breaks into tears as she begs Naruto to bring Sasuke back. Naruto assures her that he will definitely bring their teammate back.

As the Konoha team leaves the village, the Sound Four explain to Sasuke that he must die at least once.

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