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Episode 111 - Wan, Invincible Formation Goes In Force! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 111 - Wan, Invincible Formation Goes In Force!. Written by tezuka_zone
Sakon explains to Sasuke that he, Sasuke must take an enhancement pill to power his seal to level 2. However, in order to control the 2nd level curse, his body must grow accustomed to the seal or it will consume him and he will die. The Sound Four assure him that they can prevent the side effects that comes with the pill. Instead of dying, he will fall into a coma. When he emerges from the procedure, he will be just as powerful as them. Sasuke pops the pill into his mouth and collapses. The Sound nin then place his limp body into a barrel and seal it with Shikokumujin. Sakon adds an additional seal, Fuukoku houin.

Four Konoha jounin are returning from a mission when they sense the Sound Four. Raido and Genma leaves Shizune and Iwashi to confront the Sound nins.

When Genma and Raido doesnít return, Shizune decides to go check on her teammates as Naruto and the others chase Sasuke. Kiba catches the scent of blood nearby as Shizune and Iwashi finds Genma and Raido lying badly hurt. Shizune heals the wounded jounins while Iwashi contemplates going after the Sound nins. Genma warns him not to.

Kiba then catches the scent of the Four and Sasuke and Shikamaru decides to follow them rather than stop at the battle area to collect information. He tells the boys not to let their guard down Becausen the Sound Four probably have traps set up.

Sure enough, they soon see a few explosive notes creating a barrier. If a person enters the field, they would explode.

Back in Konoha, Lee looks up at the long staircase below the Hokage carvings and prepares to train. Tsunade stops him before he gets far and tells him that his body needs rest if he wants to recover. If he overexerts himself now, his wounds would not heal. She then gives him medicine and sends him away.

As the boys cautiously make their way through the traps the Sound nins set, Naruto almost triggers a wire. Shikamaruís Kagemane no Jutsu prevents Naruto just in time, but he and Neji deduce that their targets must be resting nearby. Sure enough, Nejiís Byakugan sees them up ahead.

Shikamaru commands the boys to split into two groups, while Neji tries to check on the status of Sasuke. He canít see through the barrel but suspects Sasuke is still alive. Suddenly, Sakon throws a kunai at them and the explosion tag ignites.

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