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Episode 112 - Member Dispute!? Shikamarus Groups Critical Moment Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 112 - Member Dispute!? Shikamarus Groups Critical Moment. Written by tezuka_zone
The Sound Four soon traps the Konoha Five and Shikamaru tries to negotiate. Kidoumaru uses his web to pull Kiba, Naruto, and Chouji from their hiding place giving Shikamaru time to trap the spider nin in his Kagemane. Sakon wastes no time knocking Shikamaru out while Jiroubou uses Donton Keikkai Doroudoumu to enclose the boys in a clay dome.

The boys immediately try to break out of their mud prison. Kiba uses Tsuuga to drill a hole through the wall, but the hole quickly closes and the wall regenerates. Neji then uses byakugan and learns that Jiroubou is absorbing their chakra.

After a few moments, Kiba gives Akamaru a soldier pill and the dog uses Gijyu Ninpo. Together, the Kiba/Akamaru beast transformation attacks the wall repeatedly, but their efforts are futile. Naruto attempts Rasengan, but canít concentrate enough chakra in the dome. Shikamaru then tries to reason with Jiroubou. If he lets them out, they wonít pursue Sasuke. Jiroubou refuses to believe they would betray Konoha over this. Shikamaru then asks for his own freedom. Jiroubou mocks the Konoha boys - that their leader is a loser who would think only of his own well being. People like that deserve to die.

Enraged, Chouji tells the bickering Konoha boys to let Shikamaru do his thing, while Naruto and Kiba demands to know what Shikamaru has in store. Chouji eats away one bag of chips to power up while Shikamaru asks Neji to use his Byakugan on the wall behind Chouji and Neji. He then asks Kiba to hit the wall with his Tsuuga attack while Neji scans for the walls weakest point. He was able to pinpoint the spot furthest from the enemy by talking to him. Chouji powers up and uses his Baika no Jutsu to break through the wall. The barrier then crumbles before them.

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