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Episode 113 - At Full Power! Burn Chouji! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 113 - At Full Power! Burn Chouji!. Written by Sally
This episode starts off when Chouji turns into the big ball and cuts threw The fat bad guys's barrier of rocks... Even though they break threw the barrier this guy is still to strong. Shikamaru (the leader of the goup) says they should divide onto 2 groups : Naruto and himself would take care of the bad guy and the rest would go after Orochimaru's bad guys.... However, Chouji steps in and says he'll take care of this fat guy all by himself... He gives Shikamaru a bag of pills...and takes out 3 different ones...green, yellow, and red... Chouji takes the green one...he becomes very strong..at this time the others have left...Even though Chouji is strong wit the green pill its not enough to beat the fat bad guy...so he thnks of how shikamaru always believed in him so he takes the yellow pill and becomes super strong.....his hand grows and tats were it ends!

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