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Episode 115 - Your Opponent Is Me! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 115 - Your Opponent Is Me!. Written by homer
Akamaru senses the three Sound nin up ahead. Neji byakugans but doesn't sense a single trap. Shikamaru thinks they must be underestimating them - they only expected Jiroubou to follow. Now's their chance.

Jiroubou catches up to his teammates, and immediately, Tayuya demands he carry the barrel. After further taunts, the Sound sense something's not right - he's too obedient. Kidoumaru throws Tayuya the barrel and confronts pseudo-Jiroubou. The real Jiroubou always warned Tayuya about her filthy language.

Shikamaru transforms into his real form, but Kidoumaru immediately shoots spider webs from his mouth and pins Shikamaru to a tree. Naruto Kage Bunshins, only to have all clones captured in a large spider web. Kiba and Akamaru try to blindside Kidoumaru, but also end up caught in webbing. Trusting Kidoumaru to handle the genin, Tayuya and Sakon continue onwards to Orochimaru.

Neji attacks from behind, but misses, and Kidoumaru cocoons him in webbing, while a Naruto clone pulls out a kunai and attempts to saw through the webbing, but no luck. Neji soon realizes the web is made of chakra and forms a plan.

Kidoumaru uses two main attacks here - his white webbing made of chakra that acts similar to a normal spider web and a golden brown webbing that forms a metal alloy when in contact with the air. He uses Ninpou Kumo Nenkin (Spider Web Adhesive Hypha) to create a spiked cane-weapon with the special brown webbing for each of his hands. His attention now focused on the Naruto clones, one by one, he hurls his spiked weapons and takes out a clone.

Soon, all clones have vanished, and the real Naruto throws a flying punch. Kidoumaru blocks and tosses Naruto back. Neji, now free from the webbing, pulls all his allies to safety and tells them to head after Sasuke. He'll fight. When asked how he escaped, he explains that which is made from chakra can be destroyed from chakra.

Akamaru warns that Kidoumaru is stronger than Jiroubou. Neji reminds them that they must fight one on one. The rest of them must go after Sasuke. Flash to Iruka at the Third's funeral. Naruto asks why people risk their lives for others. He replied because when a person dies, so dies his past, lifestyle, and future. Everyone who dies had dreams, goals, and important people whom they trusted and helped. That bond between people grows stronger with time. Now, Sasuke's being taken to Orochimaru, and they can't allow that to happen to someone important to them. Neji turns to Naruto and adds that Sasuke's in the darkness. It's up to him to save his friend.

Not willing to let his prey get away, Kidoumaru spits webs at the fleeing boys, but Neji destroys them before they hit their targets. He then demands Kidoumaru focus his attention on him. Kidoumaru agrees - three minutes of play, and then he'll kill him. As Kidoumaru spits web after web, Neji observes the flow of chakra and deflects all webs near him. Finally, one breaks through and pins him to a tree. Kidoumaru is suddenly less amused - if his prey can't use his hands to cut the webbing, this is pretty much game over. How boring.

Neji closes his eyes while Kidoumaru forms a brown projectile and breaks free before the spike impales him. He then rushes his opponent with the 64 Points of Hakke, explaining he can emit chakra from any pore on his body.

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Episode Summary for Episode 115 - Your Opponent Is Me!. Written by tezuka_zone
Shikamaru and his group continues their pursuit and Shikamaru disguises himself as Jiroubou and joins the three Sound Four members. They immediately see through his ruse and Kidoumaru sends Sakon and Tayuya ahead while he turns to deal with the Genins. The six-armed ninja shoots spiderwebs from his mouth and quickly snares Shikamaru as Naruto uses Kage bunshin. The Naruto clones and Kiba are soon caught as well, and Neji is encased in a cocoon.

While Kidoumaru produces weapons from his mouth and slowly picks off the Naruto copies in his web, Neji concentrates on finding a way out. By the time the Sound ninja realizes they are all clones and tries to catch the real Naruto, Neji has freed himself and the others using his Juuken.

Neji tells the others that he is the only one able to face Kidoumaru and sends the others after Sasuke. The two face off and the spiderlike Kidoumaru traps Neji only to discover that the Genin can use more than just his hands to emit chakra.

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