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Episode 116 - It's Naruto Again This Year! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 116 - It's Naruto Again This Year!. Written by EatmeimKuso
This double episode starts out with a silly skit where Naruto and Kiba are encouraging Akamaru to speak. First he meows like a cat, and then feeling the pressure of the two boys hovering over him, spits out Happy New Year.

For Neji's double episode fight series, the animation here is less than stellar. I guess I was expecting something more… but I think they saved their entire budget for the last two minutes.

Regardless, Neji starts out with the 64 Points of Hakke and smacks the crap out of Kidoumaru. When the dust settles, Kidoumaru's shell protection cracks off him, revealing he too can pull a Gaara - and use his Kumo Nenkin (Golden Spider Spines) to form a shield over his entire body. The metal alloy hardens when it hits the air and blocks all chakra. Still, Kidoumaru is now convinced that he should fight Neji from a distance and vanishes into the trees.

Now the real fight begins. Kidoumaru throws a decoy kunai to grab Neji's attention and then rains hundreds of Golden kunais at the young Hyuga. To dodge, Neji begins spinning - Hakkeshou Kaiten (Swirling Wind Rotation) - using the rotation to form a chakra barrier.

When the downpour stops, Neji tosses a kunai at Kidoumaru's head. The spider Sound ducks just in time and decides to go level 2.

With his new powers, Kidoumaru summons his large, icky spider, which excretes a very large cocoon filled with thousands of baby chakra spiders. Determined to stop the Kaiten, Kidoumaru cuts the baby spiders free. Again, Neji uses the Kaiten, but the added webbing from the spiders slows him down. Kidoumaru sees an opening and throws a kunai.

Sensing the kunai, Neji uses his chakra to deflect, but realizes his Kaiten will be useless against this new technique. Kidoumaru sends another few kunai Neji's way and then unleashes the next round of spiders on the genin. This time, Neji uses his Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (64 points of Hakke), but as more fall, he ups the speed to 128. Kidoumaru is impressed, but believes this is still a numbers game.

As he watches from the foliage, Kidoumaru takes aim and fires a kunai. It breaks through Neji's defense, and suddenly, Kidoumaru realizes Neji has a weak spot. He could detect all kunai within 50 meters, but why couldn't he avoid this one? Now watching his prey closely, he continues to use his spiders to distract Neji while carefully targeting kunai to hit Neji. Another to plant into his back, and Kidoumaru is certain he's discovered Neji's weakness.

Neji flashes back to TenTen calling him a genius to Lee. He remembers how confident he's always been - that fate has decided he'd be victorious. Suddenly, the large spider crashed down atop him, but Neji is able to use his palm strike to send chakra into the spider, and it explodes. More kunai rain down, and more hit him this time. This time, he climbs to his feet much slower.

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