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Episode 117 - The Raging Battle Between the Cool Guys! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 117 - The Raging Battle Between the Cool Guys!. Written by
Kidoumaru changes strategy and creates a large brown bow with his Kumo Nenkin and then spits out an arrow. Called Nejuu Seigo 100% (arrow attack), Kidoumaru unleashes a large arrow at Neji. As the smoke clears, Neji's still standing - he was able to deflect it slightly so that it just missed his blind spot. Still, now Kidoumaru knows the exact place of the blind spot… a small point below Neji's first vertebrae.

Neji (finally - geez, what took you so long!!) pulls the six or so kunai from his back and runs into the trees for cover, while Kidoumaru takes aim again. Another arrow, this time guided by Kidoumaru's webbing, smashes throw the tree and knocks Neji's forehead protector off (that seems to be a common theme as genin are about to die…) Blood drips from Neji's face, and he looks down to see the string guiding this new arrow.

Kidoumaru is now certain he'll finish Neji off with the next arrow. This time, he'll use more spin to make sure nothing deflects it. Meanwhile, Neji realizes he doesn't have enough chakra to dodge the next attack. He thinks back to Naruto - what would you do? He stops moving and waits for the arrow to strike. It hits him in his left abdomen area and pushes him smack against a tree. Then, taking the string guiding the arrow into his hands, he forces his last bits of chakra into the string and back to Kidoumaru, who takes the critical hit and falls to the ground below.

Looking up, Neji counts eight birds and muses that again, he couldn't see the last one. He remembers asking Naruto why he tries so hard at the Chuunin. And how he used his favorite technique, Kage Bunshin, to defeat him. Naruto had explained it was the jutsu he hated most once. And unlike him, Neji's not a loser.

Flash to Naruto and the boys making their way to Sasuke. Naruto's confident that Chouji and Neji will catch up. Neji is a genius, after all.

With his last remaining chakra, Neji vows not to lose and rushes at Kidoumaru, who has now caught himself with his webbing and is hanging closer to the ground. Catching the spider Sound by surprise, Neji delivers several hard attacks. The seal retracts and it's game over for Kidoumaru.

As they both lie badly wounded, Neji explains he knew his own weak spots before Kidoumaru. Since he knew Kidoumaru would only attack there, he could concentrate all his chakra from that point and avoid instant death. He deliberately took that last hit so he wouldn't lose. Others are counting on him. Neji reaches for his forehead protector and remembers his dad's words - that Neji must live.

Kidoumaru reveals that Sasuke came with them willingly. He's now within the darkness. Neji smiles and confidently says that there is one person that can still save Sasuke. The person that saved him.

After Kidoumaru dies, cue the music for Neji's dramatic exit. His life flashes before him, and he thinks to the others that it's up to them now. As he lies unconscious, a feather lands in his open hand and the last bird flies away.

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