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Episode 118 - To The Rescue! To Be In Time For The Barrel Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 118 - To The Rescue! To Be In Time For The Barrel. Written by Kenji Ramura
Orochimaru isn't a happy camper now that his arms are rotting off. He's in need of a new body, and fast! Unfortunatly for him, Sasuke hasn't arrived and they're out of time. Kabuto looses the captives in the dungeon for a free for all, telling the winner he'll set him free. Free, as in, to become Orochimaru's new vessel. The winner realizes he's been duped and can't do much about when Orochimaru meets him and taunts him with a very large snake with teeth that would make a crocadile jealous. The boys finally catch up with the remaining Sound nin, Sakon and Tatuya. Now the objective is to steal the bucket that contains the runaway Sasuke and make a hasty retreat back to Konoha. Sakon charges the team instantly and Naruto uses Shadow Dopple Ganger to create the Rasengan. Sakon is suprised, but he nullifies the deadly technique by grabbing Naruto's arms so he can't hold the chakara. However, it was a ploy to draw Sakon in and Kiba uses the Tsuuga technique to cut through the Naruto Shadow Doppel Ganger. Sakon ducks and realizes that Kiba's target wasn't himself, but the bucket. Kiba snags the bucket as Tatuya watches, unable to move thanks to Shikamaru's shadow catching techinque.
This pisses Sakon off and he releases his curse seal to level 1 and takes off after the Konoha team. Tatuya follows close behind.
Unknown to the two teams playing tag in the forest, Kubuto has sent in reinforcements; the one man army known as Kimimaro. He's making good time and will be upon the two teams in a matter of hours.

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