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Episode 12 - Battle at the Bridge! Zabuza Once Again!! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Battle at the Bridge! Zabuza Once Again!!. Written by
This episode starts off with team 7, Kakashi Sensei and Tazuna go to the bridge to finish building it. When they arrive they notice that all the men that were building the bridge had been injured or killed. Zabuza and Haku then shows up. Team 7 then protect Tazna because they know that Zabuza and Haku has come. They show up and Zabuza makes a few relipcations and surrounds team 7 and Zabuza. Sasuke starts to shake but then he grins. He kills all the replications in less than a minute and Zabuza tells Kakashi that his team has improved from the last time they had met. Then it shows that Haku starts to run towards Sasuke and attacks him. (Sasuke has improved with his speed).

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