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Episode 121 - Everyones Respective Fight Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 121 - Everyones Respective Fight. Written by tezuka_zone
Kiba stabs himself again and makes an escape when Ukon leaves his body. He leaves behind what appears to be the dog but is actually a trap. Kiba cradles his unconscious dog and remembers the day his mother gave him Akamaru and the way they trained together. Ukon goes looking for his brother and reenters his body to rest. Kiba catches a scent that scares him into leaving the area quickly and enters the water to hide his bloody tracks, leaving his jacket behind.

Back in the woods, Kimimaro quickly destroys clone after clone in his fight against Naruto. He switches to a technic called Dance of the Willow and defeats them even faster. Naruto is horrified by the bones protruding from his body and Kimimaro says it is his Bloodline Limit and pulls a bone sword from his body.

Meanwhile Shikamaru continues to run from Tayuya's attack and realizes that each of the three corpses must be controlled by a specific series of finger movements on the flute.

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