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Episode 125 - Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of of the Sand! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 125 - Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of of the Sand!. Written by steve
The episode starts off with Lee getting in his fighting pose to continue his fight with Kimimaru. Gaara looks over and notices that Lee is bleedy allot. He thinks back to the chuunin exams when Gaara used Desert Coffin on Lee's arm and leg. Gaara tells Lee that he'll deal with Kimimaru but Lee tells Gaara to be his back up. Lee runs towards Kimimaru but is tripped by some of Gaara's sand. He tells Gaara to let him go but his leg starts to hurt him again. Gaara walks slowly towards Kimimaru with a big trail of sand coming from his gourd. Lee warns Gaara about Kimimaru's ability to grow and manipulate his bones. Kimimaru tries to devise a strategy. He knows about Gaara's deffensive sand so he should try to get up close and use his taijutsu. He grows out his finger bones but before he can launch them Gaara sends a large snake-like sand trail from his gourd. Surprised, Kimimaru begins to dodge and weave around Gaara's sand attacks while launching waves of finger bones. Gaara just keeps attacking and defending. Kimimaru tells Gaara that the title "Gaara of the Desert" is stupid and that without sand, he can't do anything. Gaara sends another few sand attacks Kimimaru's way. Then he uses a new Jutsu called "rain of sand" (suna shigure). As the name suggests, Kimimaru looks up to see a huge cloud of sand. He comments saying that it isn't very artistic. He goes gets ready to jump out of the way when he realizes he can't move. His feet are being held in place by two sand arms from the ground. Gaara tells Kimimaru that as long as he has sand, he can do anything, and that Kimimaru it's easy for him to make sand from the environment around him and that Kimimaru is the stupid one. Lee realizes that Gaara was just sending the random attacks at Kimimaru as a distraction so that he could make more sand from the ground. The sand piles up on Kimimaru and then starts swirling around hi rapidly. Lee yelss "you did it!". Gaara tells him not yet and does Desert Funneral making the pile of sand to crush Kimimaru. Gaara tells Lee that Kimimaru reminds him of Sasuke. Over in Naruto's section of the woods, he chases after Sasuke into a dark cave. Inside the cave, Naruto has a sees a vision of himself as a boy, with a crowd of people surrounding him. Meanwhile, inside his sandy coffin, Kimimaru thinks back to his childhood. He's inside a jail cell with seals all over it. After being locked up for a long time, his father opens up his cell saying that it is time to use him. As he thinks about this, black lines start appearing all over Kimimaru's body. It isn't his curse seal, but bones grown into under his skin to protect him. He manages to claw his way out of the sand and complements Gaara on the impressive amount of pressure he can apply. If he hadn't made additional bones under his skin, he would have died. He tells Gaara that he DID underestimate him, but he won't get caught by his sand again. A little ticked at this, Gaara starts making seals as a giant wave of sand appears from the ground in front of he and Lee. This technique is called "Desert Avalanche (Ryuusa Bakuryu)". Kimimaru is engulfed by the giant waves of sand that comes at him. There's so much sand that a good portion of the forest gets demolished. Again Lee thinks Gaara did it but Gaara's not sure. He puts his palms on the sand and ues a jutsu called "desert Requiem (Sabaku Taisu)". Giant shockwaves come from Gaara's hands and make an earthquake. Just barely within the sand, Kimimaru's heart beats slowly. He has another flashback of his childhood. He and his family, the Kyuga clan stand outside the hidden mist village ready to attack. They all have crazy looks on their faces (it's pretty funy). Kimimaru's father tells him to go ahead on his own and kill anyone who gets in his way. Kimimaru then runs into a younger Zabuza and Haku. He asks if they're from the hidden mist village but they just say no. He apologizes and runs off. He then runs up to an also younger Orochimaru. He tries to hit him from behind but Orochimaru easiky kicks him back. He tells him that he isn't from the hidden mist village but his target is down in the ravine. Then he looks at Kimimaru and does this thing that makes his eyes smaller. Kimimaru gets nervous and runs off. Down in the hidden mist vilage, Kimimaru is killing ninja after ninja. Morning comes and Kimimaru is up in a tree resting. He looks down at the giant pile of his fellow clan member, all who are dead. Over in the forest, he sees a flower. He seems pretty happy to see it and then starts talking to it. (this is funny) When the flower doesn't answer him (?) Kimimaru gets ready to stab it when Orochimaru tells him to stop (thank god that precious flower wasn't stabbed!). He tells Kimimaru that there probably isn't any meaning to life. And basically bla bla bla I'm glad I found you. Then orochimaru says "let's go" and pats Kimimaru on the head. Back in the real world Kimimaru activates his second curse seal and a giant tail emerges from the sand. Over in the cave, Naruto is in the darkness and cn't see anything. Neji appears before him (a vision, not the real one) and tells Naruto that Naruto has better eyes than him. He tells him that Sasuke is in the darkness. All determined again, Naruto sees a bright light at the end of the cave and runs towards it. Back to Gaara's fight, kimimaru rises up from the sand (he looks like some kind of dinosaur now. Gaara immediately uses desert coffin. Kimimaru manages to once agin claw his way out from the sand. The episode ends with Kimimaru running towards Gaara.

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Episode Summary for Episode 125 - Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of of the Sand!. Written by tezuka_zone
Gaara steps in and takes over the fight with Kimimaro, using his protective sand to block the finger bones his enemy shoots at him. Lee asks Gaara as to why hes helping Konoha and Gaara explains that he owes a debt to Konoha.

Temari arrives and tells Shikamaru that they did not want to attack Konoha but were ordered to. Then she launches a powerful fan, Dai Kamaitachi no Jutsu attack that destroys Tayuya's flute.

Kankurou arrives in the nick of time to save Kiba and soon engages Sakon in a battle. Sakon attacks Kankuro and he is about to merge his body with Kankurou but then realizes he is attacking a puppet, Kuroari. It grabs him, slicing into him with razors on its arms and he runs to jump into Ukon's body. Kankuro attacks Ukon using his original puppet Karasu and traps him inside Kuroari.

Meanwhile Temari uses Kuchiyose no Jutsu summoning technique brings forth a ferret, and she fans him into the air with a Kirikiri Mai. Tayuya has been preparing her genjutsu when the forest explodes; Shikamaru hides his face behind his arms against the furious onslaught, and when he opens his eyes, the forest for hundreds of meters around has been devastated. Tayuya lies crushed under the chopped tree trunks, a trail of blood running from her mouth down over her cheek and eye. So simply, the combat has been finished. Shikamaru stands astonished; it seems Temari's technique is as pushy as her personality. She smiles, and he does as well, grudgingly; it looks like he's going to have to thank her this time.

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