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Episode 126 - The Strongest Battle! Gaara vs. Kimimaro Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 126 - The Strongest Battle! Gaara vs. Kimimaro. Written by tezuka_zone
Lee prepares to attack Kimimaro but Gaara notices his injuries uses his sand to stop him. Kimimaro mocks Gaara but is quickly caught in a shower of sand and sealed into the Desert Funeral attack.

Meanwhile, Naruto continues to chase Sasuke and briefly loses him. Back at the forest, encased in sand, Kimimaro remembers his childhood locked away in darkness and the day he was released to kill for the Kaguya clan. He releases his Curse Seal and breaks free of the confinement only to be covered in another more powerful attack by Gaara. Trapped again, Kimimaro thinks back to the night that left him the sole survivor of his clan and meeting Orochimaru.

As Naruto recalls Neji's last words to him, Kimimaro goes into his Second Stage and prepares for his final attack on Gaara.

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