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Episode 127 - Kimimaro and Gaara, Who Will Finish Their Battle? Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 127 - Kimimaro and Gaara, Who Will Finish Their Battle?. Written by tezuka_zone
Kimimaro comes for Gaara, easily avoiding every attempt to stop him and dives through his sand barrier. Lee tries to jump in but narrowly misses being seriously injured. Kimimaro removes his spinal column and uses it like a lasso to catch Gaara so he can use the largest bone in his body to attack. Gaara puts up his ultimate shield as Orochimaru and Kabuto discuss the downfall of the Kaguya clan.

Kimimaro launches his attack but the shield holds and the bone shatters completely. He tells Gaara about his bond with Orochimaru and Gaara calls him pathetic then launches his most powerful attack, burying him deep underground.

Kimimaro responds by using Sawarabi no Mae, shooting a forest of bones out of the ground. . Huge bones suddenly rise from the ground all around them.
The meadow has become a forest of dry bone trees. Above, Gaara and Rock Lee sit on floating sand cushions. Gaara is at last willing to proclaim the fight over; Kimimaro is dead. However, he is incorrect; Kimimaro's torso, and the spear, sprout off of the bone-tree next to them. Furious Kimimaro yells at them and thrusts with the bone spear. Gaara has barely begun to raise the sand barrier when Kimimaro suddenly stops; blood drips to the sandy floor below them. Kimimaro's body, solidified into bone, presides over the forest of bone like a gargoyle.
As he dies in the middle of his final move, Orochimaru declares that he does not care about Kimimaro any more.

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