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Episode 128 - Naruto Chases After Sasuke Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 128 - Naruto Chases After Sasuke. Written by tezuka_zone
Naruto and Sasuke stand on top of immense statues. A waterfall flows in between the statues. Naruto stands on the one of Shodaime and calls to Sasuke who turns to him to reveal half his face with the cursed seal marks and a yellow eye. Naruto has a flashback to Sakura begging him to bring back Sasuke.
Sasuke tells Naruto not to concern himself with him and laughs at the look on Naruto’s face. Naruto has flashbacks to when the genin teams were assigned, being tied to the post, tree climbing, etc. Sasuke says he’ll follow his own path and he’s not obligated to take orders from anyone and tells Naruto to go home. Naruto has flashbacks to Choji, Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Lee all risking their lives to catch up to Sasuke. Sasuke just says how nice of them and turns his back on Naruto. Naruto has another flashback to Shikamaru saying how they’ll bring back Sasuke as a leaf shinobi comrade. Naruto jumps over to the other statue and tackles Sasuke and punches his face. Sasuke spits blood at Naruto and says he’s going to Orochimaru. Naruto tells him Orochimaru just wants his body as a container, but Sasuke doesn’t care as long as he can achieve his objective. Naruto says he’ll take him back by force and Sasuke starts to laugh. Flashback to their fight on top of the hospital.
Sasuke picks up Naruto with one hand and punches him in the stomach so hard that Naruto spits up blood and is thrown down into the water. Sasuke is shocked at his own power. But then he flinches in pain and the cursed seal recedes and he looks normal. He notes that the power is becoming familiar with his body.
Naruto is under water and thinks about Sasuke’s power and that Sasuke is not the same as before. More flashbacks to their hospital fight. Naruto surfaces and runs on top of the water, leaps toward the statue, telling Sasuke to open his eyes. Sasuke meets him half way and lands a kick to Naruto’s face. Sasuke grabs Naruto’s back pouch and lands on top of the statue’s fingertips. Naruto falls to the water again. Sasuke says his eyes have been open for a long time and "I’ve seen beyond my own foolishness…beyond stupid thoughts of being with friends and dreaming of a future with like minded fools. That’s why I left the village, that’s why I sought power. My dreams are not of the future. My dreams are of the past."
Flashback to Itachi practicing kunai throwing with Sasuke watching. Sasuke is amazed at his brother’s skill, he was even able to hit the bullseye dead center in his blind spot behind a rock. It’s Sasuke’s turn but Itachi tells him to go home. Sasuke gives him a look and calls him a liar. Itachi makes a motion with his hand and Sasuke comes over but Itachi pokes him in the forehead and apologizes. Sasuke takes out his kunais and tells his brother to watch him, but later Sasuke injures his ankle and Itachi carries him on his back. Sasuke’s happy that he’ll be going to the Academy from tomorrow on.
Naruto takes out his shurikens and throws them at Sasuke who counters with kunais. Naruto ducks behind a large rock. Sasuke throws more kunais and shurikens hooked with wires to tie Naruto to the rock. Sasuke performs the seals for Katon Ryuuka no jutsu, fire spell: dragon fire technique and blasts Naruto with fire.

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