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Episode 129 - Itachi and Sasuke: A Faraway Existence Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 129 - Itachi and Sasuke: A Faraway Existence. Written by Lunar
Sasuke tries to burn Naruto, but to his suprise, Naruto bursts out of the fire and punches him in the face. Naruto soon begins to punch Sasuke over and over and realizes that it has no affect on him. Sasuke simply replies that if that's all the strength that he has then it's not even worth the battle. His strength and hatred doesn't compare to his own. Staying in Kohona was holding him back from the power he needed.

Sasuke flashes back to his younger version. He is getting a piggy-back ride from his brother and notices the police station where his father works. Itachi explains the importance of the village and the safety of it. They walk home where their father is waiting for them. He explains to itachi that he has a new mission and how proud he is for itachi ranking to chunnin. Sasuke becomes upset that his father is going to have to miss the school's opening ceremony. Itachi later replies that he will miss the mission and would rather go to Sasuke's ceremony. His father then decides that they will all go to the ceremony.

After a little bit, the teacher talks to Sasuke's father and admits that Sasuke is the school's first genius and expects great things from him. Sasuke trains and returns home to hear that itachi was accepted into the secret services. Sasuke practices some more to try to become closer to his brother's strength. When he returns home his mother puts bandages on sasuke.

At school, he recieves his report card and gets outstanding grades. When he shows it to his father, he tells Sasuke to keep up the work and he to will be as great as his brother. Sasuke soon turns upset that he only reconizes itachi and wishes for him to say "that's my child indeed."

Sasuke tells his brother that father only thinks of him. Itachi askes sasuke if he hated him. He thinks to himself that he does hate him a little. Itachi smiles and tells him that when your like this you become arragont and isolated. Itachi is called in by the police that are waiting by the door. They suspect him of murdering Shushui considering they were the only two not at the gathering and how they were so close (like brothers). This pisses off itachi and he attacks the police, sasuke watches his brother in a distance. Their father appears and tells itachi to explain his actions. He throws a kunai at the Uchiha symbol and tells them that the clan has no future. The police announce arrest on him when sasuke screams for his brother to stop. Itachi falls on his knees and apologizes for his actions and that he didn't murder Shushui. When his father walks by, his sharingan turns to Mange form.

In present time, Sasuke tells Naruto he wants him to experience the ability of the sharingan.

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Episode Summary for Episode 129 - Itachi and Sasuke: A Faraway Existence. Written by tezuka_zone
The episode begins with Sasuke standing on the 2nd Hokage’s statue and looking at the flaming rock where he tied up Naruto and used Katon - Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique) and the wires guided the flame towards Naruto and that is where the last episode ended. As he watches the fire, a ball of fire comes from the flame and reveals to be Naruto. Naruto punches Sasuke in the face, but the hit does not seem to affect Sasuke so Naruto continues with multiple punches to Sasuke’s face. Blood splatters onto the ground from Naruto’s punches, but still the punches still seem not to affect Sasuke. Naruto’s knuckles are beat red from the fire and Sasuke says that he will not have to use the Sharingan because Naruto is too weak for his eye’s. A flashback is shown now with Itachi grabbing Sasuke by his neck and saying that he lacked hatred. Then we return to the present and Sasuke sends Naruto flying down the statue then Sasuke jumps down and starts pounding kicks into Naruto’s stomach sending Naruto straight into the earth below. Then Sasuke throws Naruto’s Shuriken Pouch back to him. Naruto lays in a huge crater now. A number of flashback occur now but the most important flashback is the ending one where three police force members confront Itachi why he was not at the meeting last night and itachi states that he had a important mission to complete. The three members don’t believe it saying that there was one other clan member there and that was Uchiha Shisui who was Itachi's closet friend. Two of the three police members say that there was a suicidal drowning in Nakano River. Police found Shisui body and a note saying that he grew tired of the clan’s duties and said the clan had no future. The police seemed it hard to believe that a great ninja like him would kill himself. Sp the police members asked itachi if he had any involvement in his death. Itachi grew angry about there accusations and attacked the members. Itachi’s father stops him by saying that itachi has had a lot of Anbu missions lately and is very tired. Itachi is kneeled on the ground and then a glare at his father with his new Mangekyou Sharingan is formed on his eye. Back in the present Sasuke says when they last fought there was interference. But now Sasuke will show Naruto the true power of the Sharingan!

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