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Episode 130 - Father and Child, The Cracked Family Crest Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 130 - Father and Child, The Cracked Family Crest. Written by tezuka_zone
This episode begins with Sasuke looking up in the sky and naruto starts to walk out of the crater. As naruto gets up and picks up his pouch, Sasuke says that he will show him the true power of the Sharingan. Naruto says that is ok and he will show sasuke his true power as well. Naruto does Kage Bushin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) to create multiple clones of him self and sasuke states that even if naruto increased his numbers that he still could not beat him. Sasuke charges the clones destroying one after one until he can see the real naruto. Sasuke says that with his eyes he already saw naruto when he attacked the clone’s sasuke then uses Katon -Goukakyuu no Jutsu and a giant ball of fire comes from his mouth destroying most of the forest around him. A flashback occurs now with a young sasuke staring up in his room thinking about the Mangekyou Sharingan he saw in his brother’s eye. In another flashback sasuke’s father ask how the academy is going for him. Sasuke says that it is boring because he is all ways first. So Sasuke’s father decides to tech him the Katon -Goukakyuu no Jutsu. Sasuke tries the jutsu but only a small amount of fire comes from his mouth. His father says that he is not like itachi because when he taught itachi the jutsu he mastered it right away. The next few days sasuke practices the jutsu and every time more fire comes out but still he can not hold it for a large amount of time. On the final night he finally masters the jutsu and the next morning Sasuke asks his father to come back to the lake and watch him use the jutsu again. Sasuke blows a large amount of fire from his mouth and a huge ball of fire hovers over the lake. When the fire stops coming fro the young sasuke’s mouth he finally hears what he wanted from his father. “As expected from my child”. The next flashback is when sasuke goes back to the forest to try and master the Kunai combo itachi showed him in episode 128.When the knives are throw only one is stuck in the middle of the target the others are scattered around the targets. A few flashback later sasuke’s father explains about the Mangekyou Sharingan and how it needs a special condition to activate the eyes. Sasuke then asks his farther why his brother never watches him. His father states that he is a bit different. He does not like to be friendly with people. He also says that even as his father he does not understand his mind. As sasuke leaves to go to the academy he thinks that his farther does not hate his brother. Back in the present, sasuke looks around at the ashes at what used to be trees. Naruto comes out from behind a tree and sasuke starts to attack naruto but naruto defends the punches. But sasuke is able to get one hard punch into naruto’s stomach sending him spinning into the water below. Sasuke watches naruto go into the water.

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