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Episode 132 - Friends! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 132 - Friends!. Written by tezuka_zone
This episode begins with kakashi in Tsunade’s office saying that she only sent rookie ninjas to chase after sasuke. She says that the rookies where the only ninjas around since all the other top rank ninjas where on missions. So kakashi decides to go after the rookies but as he walks out of the 5ths office sakura stops him saying that it has been two days since naruto and the others left to bring back sasuke. Sakura says that she believes in naruto, but if something was to happen to both sasuke and naruto. Kakashi then interrupts her saying not to worry naruto will bring sasuke back. Kakashi goes to the entrance of the village and summons his pack of dogs. He then tells them to go in every direction to search for sasuke’s and naruto’s scents and contact him when they find it. Kakashi then notices sakura standing behind him and he remembers when sasuke and naruto last fought on the roof of the hospital and how she wanted those two to stop before they killed each other. Then there is a flashback when kakashi had sasuke tied up to a tree and saying that he should forget about his revenge. As sasuke and naruto still charge up the 2nd’s statute sasuke grabs naruto’s punch saying that there is no kakashi or sakura this time. Sasuke steals a kunai from naruto’s pouch and throws it at naruto. Naruto pulls out a shuriken and throws it at the kunai and both weapons collide then sasuke kicks naruto sending him into the water then he lands on the statue and performs seals and a chidori crackles on sasuke’s hand. Naruto says that sasuke is crazy and uses kage bushin no jutsu to create one clone of him self and the clone starts to put chakra in the form of a sphere on naruto’s hand. Sasuke heads straight into the water and naruto finishes his rasengen and both attacks collide creating a huge ball of water. As the attack ends both ninjas are sent flying back. Sasuke floats back up to the surface of the water and stands on the water naruto also come back up to the surface but just lies there on his back in the water and stares into the sky. Naruto then stands up on the water and then sasuke’s curse seal starts to spread around his whole body. As the seal stops to spread sasuke says that naruto is to naďve and uses Katon-Housenka no jutsu (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique). Naruto avoids the balls of fire but sasuke appears to the side of naruto kicking him in the side of the face sending him into the water. Then a flashback is shown when sasuke and naruto where little kids. Naruto explains that when he first met sasuke he was happy to find somebody a lone like he was and he really wanted to talk to him. But he never said anything. Back in the present naruto gets up from the kick but was to slow and sasuke delivers a hard strike to naruto’s stomach making naruto spit some water from his mouth. Back in the flashback, naruto says that sasuke could do everything and was very popular with everybody so naruto thought of sasuke as his rival. Even when naruto and sasuke where on the same team there relationship never changed. Back in the present sasuke delivers a hard fist to naruto’s face. In the flashback naruto says that he never wanted to tell sasuke the truth. That he wanted to be just like him. Naruto says that sasuke was his inspiration. Then one time sasuke said that he really wanted to fight naruto like he wanted to fight sasuke. So when sasuke said those words it made naruto really happy. To know that sasuke had finally accepted naruto. Back in the present sasuke has naruto by his shirt with his chidori crackling. Naruto starts to say that sasuke really was serious about defeating him. Red chakra starts to pour out from naruto. Naruto’s nails grow long and sharp and his eye’s change to a red color. Later on naruto has red chakra pouring from him saying that he will break sasuke’s arms and legs to stop him.

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