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Episode 135 - The Broken Promise Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 135 - The Broken Promise. Written by tezuka_zone
Naruto still on kakashiís back, goes though the woods. Naruto asks kakashi where sasuke is but kakashi does not answer .Then some medical ninjas appear behind and beside kakashi and asks how naruto is. Kakashi says that he is fine and the medical ninja asks where sasuke is and kakashi shakes his head no. Kakashi asks how the other genins are and the medical says that 2 medical teams picked up the ninjas. The medical ninja also says that shikamaru has a minor injury and kiba has a deep wound but his life is not in danger. Chouji and neji are in critical condition. Naruto opens his eyes again and sees his friends running though the woods at the start of the mission. The Konoh hospital is shown now with chouji with the 5th flipping though the pages of a huge book. The 5th starts to stir a mixture and asks for a deerís antler. Kiba asks his sister how akamaru and his sister says that his muscles are damaged and that he could not walk for a while and kiba says that is good and he tries to get up but his sister says that he would not be able to walk for a while too. In a intense care room in the hospital a huge seal is around neji and four medical ninjas are at all of the edges. One of the ninjas says that they need to keep chakra on the wound. Shikamaru is fooling around with his fingers out in the waiting room where chouji is and temari says that it is pointless to be so fidgety. She also says that sacrifices are an inevitable part of missions. She asks him if he received emotional training. He says that training is different then combat. He also states that he knew what missions would consist of, and that he thought he understood the would of ninjas was like. That is when he was made a team captain for a mission and now he understands that he is not cut out to be a ninja. Temari says that he is very boring even though he is acting like a man. Shikamaru says that he should not have been team captain for this mission that he was too naÔve and that he didnít have enough strength. He also states that is was his entire fault his friends got hurt. Temari asks him if he is afraid of being hurt. Shikamaru starts to walk away and his dad says that he has been talked down by a girl and now he is running away. Shikamaru says that it is too troublesome that he does not want a argument and that he is not a girl. His dad says that he is not a man either just a spineless coward. His dad says that even if shikamaru quits being a ninja missions will still occur. Shikamaruís dad also states that someone will carry out the missions. His dad states that shikamaruís friends will be assigned a new leader and then they might all die. His dad continues by saying that if shikamaru was there captain, his friends might not die. His dad says that if shikamaru looks at that mission it might be a learning experience, and he would grow from it. His dad finishes by saying that maybe shikamaru will be able to carry out missions perfectly. His dad also states that if shikamaruís friends are really important to him before he runs away he should consider becoming greater for the sake of his friends. His dad finishes by saying that is what a true friend is! The red light on the medical room door disappears and the 5th comes out and says that everything will be alright. One of the medical ninjas comes down from the hallway and says that neji is in stable condition. She also says that kakashi has come back with naruto and naruto has some injures but his life is not in danger. The 5th tells shikamaru that the mission was a failure but everybody is alive and that is the most important thing. Shikamaru begins to cry saying that the next time he will carry out the mission perfectly. As for sasuke he is now in orochimaru place and he tells sasuke that sasuke is the chosen one for his body. Sasuke interrupts him and tells him to hurry and give him power. The hospital is shown again with naruto sitting in his room with sasukeís leaf headband in his lap. Naruto remembers when he first saw sasuke and when he promised to saukra to bring sasuke back. Shikamaru appears in narutoís room and says that he is awake for once. Ino and sakura are down in the lobby and ino says she is going to go she chouji first. Sakura says that she will go see naruto and sasuke first. In his room naruto says that he is glad about everybody being all right. Shikamaru asks naruto what happened to sasuke and naruto says that he got away. Sakura was at the door and she heard what naruto said and she was shocked that sasuke was not back. The 5th is seen walking down where sakura is and asks sakura if she came to visit naruto the 5th opens the door to see naruto and shikamaru talking. Naruto notices sakura come in and tells her about what happened and he says that he will bring sasuke back! Later on, naruto hears a loud noise coming from the outside of his room. Naruto sees jiraiya on top of a huge toad. Jiraiya tells naruto that he wants naruto to come train with him fro 3 years too stop Akatsuki from getting the demon in naruto. Naruto agrees to go with him and train and train to become stronger and develop more powerful jutsus too bring sasuke back! In a dark cave the akatsuki memberís are all together which they havenít been for 7 years since orochimaru left the akatsuki. The leader says that they will kill him and obtain the kyuubi fox in naruto!

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