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Episode 137 - Town of Outlaws. Shadow of the Fuumaa Group Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 137 - Town of Outlaws. Shadow of the Fuumaa Group. Written by tezuka_zone
The episode opens with Jiraiya, Naruto, Sakura in a hut somewhere in the Rice country. Jiraiya plan what the groups next move, Jiraiya decides to go to the next lodging town on the map, which Naruto & Sakura response by said that Jiraiya just wanted to go to some more bars and hit on women.Once they entered the town they'll discover that this town was worser than the last. Once Jiraiya spotted an bar naruto and Sakura said that they don't have any money left but Jiraiya give them some money to get some food and go to the edge of town and wait for him, he then went on to said that getting info at the bar isn't an place for their young eye's to see and he'll sacrifice himself and go investigate. Naruto and Sakura then grab something to eat and walked to the edge of town, Sakura then said that she thinks that Sasuke isn't in the country anymore which make Naruto resure her that they won't know if they don't look and said that they'll will find him.

They then meet the ninja that they encounter in the last episode and discover that the ninja is hurt. Then bunch of kunai are throw and naruto grabbed the injured ninja and sakura start to ran away. They then encounter two other ninjas and have a small fight with but used jutsu to escape. Ninjas that attacked them are reviled to be working with Orochimaru and have an tracker place on naruto and sakura to know where they went and disappear with the wind.

We then return to Jiraiya who is with two women and ask them if they heard anything about the hidden sound village which they response that they don't know anything about any sound village, then one other women who overheard them said that she have an good customer that knows a good deal of info about it and she will let jiraiya meet him. They then walk into an alleyway which turns into an trap for jiraiya. A group of ninja then try to rob him not knowing who he is, they then shot arrow at him but he cover himself with his ninpou hari jizou and have the arrow bounds off of him. Piss off he again ask that anyone knows anything about the hidden sound village, the leader of the group said that the group is an clan of shinobi and will spare jiraiya life if he give's them some money, once knowing this jiraiya then said he now he dosent have to hold back now and explains that an ninja isn't someone who don't use ninjutsu for stealing, the leader then charge jiraiya and jiraiya use rasengan on him, the leader then

gets back up and bow down to jiraiya and asks for his forgiveness and his name. Jiraiya then tell him who he is and the leader tells the others to bow down too or they might be killed which they all do and the leader apologize to jiraiya not knowing that jiraiya was one of the legendary Sannin of Konoha and begs for forgiveness. Jiraiya then said its ok and asks them again about the hidden sound village which the leader explains that are many clans in the Rice country including themselves,the Fuuma clan, were doing their duties without any problems until orochimaru showed up.

We then return to naruto and sakura who caring to the ninja they saved, sakura then offer to heal the Ninjas wounds,she then finds out that the ninja is an girl and kicked out naruto out of the hut they were in, Naruto not knowing that the ninja is an girl is mad that he got kicked out and then try to take an peek in the hut but then gets punch by sakura who then went to heal the ninja wound. While on the ground saw an spider and got up from the ground, sakura then calls for him and he finally finds out that the ninja is a girl and is shock but then remember when he grab her he felt something and then got hit again by sakura. The girl then reviled that she is Fuuma Sasame, naruto then asked her why the ninjas from before was after her and sakura then said that they might be able to help her, sasame then explain that the ninjas were sound nins and the guards of orochimaru mansion and apologize for being mistook as an sound nin, naruto and sakura then tell sasame that they are also looking for orochimaru and ask her if she knew anymore which she said yes.

Sasame then explain about how the feudal lord wanted to increase his supply of provision and a war began in the kingin country, she explains how the Rice country is an small country and how the number of shinobi is limited. The war was an hopeless war that they knew they were going to lose and the suffering they got from the war, even them, the Fuuma clan suffered, for those who survived the war, some of abandoned the Rice country and even lose their dignity and became thieves. However the Fuuma clan believing that one day they could have an revival hid in the shadows and continued to survive, at that time an messenger of the newest person who wanted to expand the Rice country was Kimimaru and he asked the Fuuma clan if they could give some of their jutsu to orochimaru and told them that might even get the chance to be in the service of the feudal lord if they work for orochimaru. Her Cousin, Arashi, was the clan's hope of revival went with kimimaru as the clan's representative to the sound village but wasn't heard from again. Sasame then explain that she wanted to save arashi and that her reason why she wanted to go to the hidden sound village alone, Naruto then said that he'll help Sasame and save her cousin. They are then attack by the sound nins from before and naruto fall in a massive pit.

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