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Episode 138 - The Promise Betrayed, The Fleeting Request Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 138 - The Promise Betrayed, The Fleeting Request. Written by Matt
As the mountain crumbles into the swirling earth whirlpool, several Naruto clones are sucked down with portions of the house where Sakura and Sasame are taking shelter. Kuchiyose no jutsu! Jiraiya appears in the nick of time to summon a large frog to extend its tongue. Naruto grabs hold to pull himself out of the downward spiral while the few remaining clones form Rasengan. Now close enough to Kagerou, he drives Rasengan into his abdomen, sending the hunchback baddie flying smack into the rock cliff behind them. Kamikiri and Jigumo decide to cut their losses and retreat.

After a quick celebration, Naruto rushes up to the mountain home to check on the two girls waiting out the battle. They're fine and ready to get going. As they walk through Field Country, Jiraiya asks Sakura who the new girl is. She explains that Sasame is from the Fuuma Clan and is looking for her cousin. Immediately, Jiraiya suspects something but plays along. He met the Fuuma clan in town earlier today. They're a good natured bunch. Sasame retorts that they're traitors before offering to lead the Konoha nins to Orochimaru's hideout.

After a bit of walking, the group makes it to a cliff. Sasame explains that Orochimaru's lair lies beyond the mountains. Sakura and Naruto are eager to get going but Jiraiya decides they should eat before they move forward. He unpacks this elaborate picnic made for them by the prettiest girl in town.

Sasame offers to make tea, but when she gets far enough away, she spikes it. Back at the picnic, Naruto gulps down the tea and the other two soon follow. Jiraiya is the first to collapse with others collapsing a few seconds later. After a moment of hesitation, Sasame shoots up a flare summoning members of her clan.

The three Fuuma baddies see the flare and take off. If they defeat Konoha's elite nin, Orochimaru will surely lend their clan his powers. Sasame walks back to the sleeping nin to wait for her guys and flashes back.

Sasame rushes back to her hideout only to be attacked by several kunai. As she dodges the weapons, she falls into a trap. Rope catches around her feet and she soon finds herself hanging upside down and helpless. Kamikiri, Jigumo, and Kagerou recognize their prey and cut her down. She asks about Arashi - wasn't he with them? Nope, he's training with Orochimaru. She asks if she can see him. They tell her only if she works for Orochimaru.

Kamikiri and Jigumo's arrival snap Sasame back to reality and she quickly asks if she can see her cousin now. They tell her not until she kills these nins. Just as she refuses, the Konoha team appears behind her. Startled, she wonders why the paralyzing potion didn't work but soon realizes the sleeping nin are just replacements (Kawarimi no Jutsu). Naruto quickly demands to know why the Fuuma clan tricked Sasame into betraying them. Kamikiri slyly tells him that she did it because she wanted to.

Flashback: Sasami asks the three what she must do to see her cousin. They tell her to capture the Konoha nin and take them to Orochimaru for questioning. Then, Orochimaru will surely help them revive their clan.

Again, Naruto accuses Kamikiri of tricking Sasame. Kamikiri pulls out his large pincher claw and lunges at Naruto. Kage Bunchin. Naruto does a flying Uzamaki kick to take Kamikiri out while Jiraiya spits into Jigumo's face, forms Rasengan, and knocks him onto Kamikiri. Two down. One to go.

Kagerou decides he wants a piece of the action and shows up just as his teammates go down for the count. After hurling a kunai, he transforms into his final technique, a small girl with butterfly wings. Because Orochimaru promised to restore their clan, she'll sacrifice herself and use this once in a lifetime technique. Kagerou Ninpou, Uta-kata (Secret Arts: Ephemeral Vengeance). Rays of light shoot out from her body and engulf Naruto and Jiraiya, who quickly uses GamaGuchi Shibari no jutsu (Bound Frog Mouth) to summon the stomach of a frog to protect them from the blast.

Kagerou's butterfly shape fades and she crashes to the ground. Naruto, is of course, super pissed now at Orochimaru and vows never to forgive him. Within the Fuuma clan, Naruto sees a loyalty for their clan that Konoha nins have for their own. Orochimaru used that clan loyalty to manipulate them.

Kagerou uses her remaining energy to pick up her teammates and carry them back to Orochimaru's hideout before collapsing. When Kamikiri and Jigumo realize what she did, they plead before Kabuto and Orochimaru to use their medical techniques to heal their fallen teammate. Orochimaru coldly asks why should he? What have they accomplished that was so great? When Kamikiri replies that his clan risked their lives, Orochimaru offers no compassion. Bitter at the response, Kamikiri and Jigumo pull kunai but are killed on the spot

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Episode Summary for Episode 138 - The Promise Betrayed, The Fleeting Request. Written by
Naruto clones are sinking into a massive quicksand pit Kagerou´s jutsu created. Jiariya appears, summons a mid-size frog and it uses its tongue to save one of Narutos. Kagerou throws a kunai and hits, but it was only a clone. Naruto uses another clone to attack Kagerou, who dodges by jumping out of his hole. Naruto forms Rasengan and hits Kagerou in air, causing him to fly in a spin and hit a rocky wall behind him hardly. Naruto then wants to deliver final blow but is stopped by Jiraiya´s warning about two another enemies. The other shinobi quickly appear, catch wounded Kagerou and escape. Naruto then controls the state of Sakura and also Sasame, which makes Sakura jealous.
After a few walking Jiraiya asks who the girl is and is misunderstood by both Sakura and Naruto for being more perverted than they imagined. Argument is stopped then, Sasame is introduced by Sakura as Fuuma clan member, so Jiraiya tells the other about the Fuuma clan members he fought in the town and he also has to tell that he still doesn´t know Orochimaru´s hideout location. Sasame says she knows the way and will lead them.
In the very end of forrest they come to mountains where according to Sasame Orochimaru´s lair is. Jiraiya persuades the other to make an eating delay and gives some food to all. Sasame offers to prepare some tea and slips a poison into the cups. All Konoha shinobi drinks and fall asleep. Sasame fires a flare, which is seen by the three shinobi who was going after Sasame before and fought Naruto lately. They announce that Sasame is doing well and that Orochimaru-sama will acknowledge the power of Fuuma clam more when they bring him some heads of Konoha ninjas. Hurt Kagerou is told to stay behind and the other two leave immediatelly.
Sasame runs in forest, as she fallls in a rope trap set by the three. When she´s freed, first she asks them about the fate of Arashi and is told that he´s training with Orochimaru and she will see him, if she will serve Orochimaru as they do. After arriving into a place with poisoned Jiraiya team, Sasame refuses to kill them, so one shinobi hits her with his weapon, but she´s caught by Naruto, which reveals that they used Kawarimi no Jutsu - replacement technique. Sakura then takes care of Sasame, as Naruto steps forward to find things out. Fuuma Shinobi tells to Naruto´s question that Sasame wasn´t forced into this trick, and in flashback is an agreement among Sasame and the three, that she should use a potion to make them sleep and take them to interrogation to Orochimaru´s stronghold. She agreed in order to meet Arashi. Naruto then fights the guy, who is using weird scissors-looking weapon and defeats him quickly using Kage Bunshin and then Naruto Rendan. The other guy tries to escape, but is stopped by Jiraiya, who splits the poisoned tea into his face and then hits him with Rasengan. All looks like the fight is over, but suddenly Sakura shouts and Naruto is lucky to dodge kunai knives thrown by Kagerou. Jiraiya informs Kagerou, that his Doton techniques are off use in rocky area. Kagerou has to admit it, thinking about the life stages of ant lion. He quickly turns into a metamorphosis stage and rises as a young winged woman. Then he says that in order to rise the clan she will use a once-in-a-lifetime technique. The technique is called Kagerou Ninpo, Uta-kata (My secret arts: Ephemeral Vengeance) and causes her wings to change into lightnings and attack Naruto and Jiraiya, who uses Frog Mouth Trap to save them. Kagerou is sad, praying for glory for her clan, and teleports herself and the two beaten Fuuma. Naruto sees that they have no other wish than revive the clan and has respect for the self sacrifying jutsu, but also sees that Orochimaru is their enemy and the land´s greatest plague.
Kagerou teleported herself and the other two close to Orochimaru´s lair. Two Fuuma beg Orochimaru to use a medical jutsu and save their comrade´s life. Orochimaru refuses, so Fuuma shinobi attack him as a betrayer, but are so quickly slain, that Orochimaru himself even doesn´t have to stand up. (Interesting also is, that Orochimaru looks like he does before he use his immortality jutsu.) Orochimaru just laughs...

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