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Episode 14 - Hyperactive No. 1, Naruto Joins the Battle! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Hyperactive No. 1, Naruto Joins the Battle!. Written by
In this episode, Haku and Sasuke are still fighting and then Haku tells Sasuke that he is already two steps infront and that he can't escape this technique he will be doin next. Sasuke then gets shocked. When Haku uses the water on the ground to make them turn into needles. (the technique is called 'Flying Water Needles' I think).Haku does this seal with only one hand and Kakashi gets shocked because techniques are not capable of being accomplished. But for Haku, it is simple. Sasuke then has to think quickly and think of a way to escape from this attack. Sasuke then looks back on the training he did in the forest. So he builds up his chakra and jumped in mid air. He escaped the technique. Haku was amazed. Haku then does his other technique that he definitely knows that Sasuke can't escape. The 'Demonic Ice Mirrors'. Haku then goes inside one of the mirrors and throws his needles at Sasuke. Sasuke can't keep up with Haku's speed and is injured a lot. Sakura hears Sasuke scream in pain and throws her Kunai knife to sasuke but Haku catches it. Then, a Kunai knife comes out of no where and cuts Haku's mask. It was Naruto. He yelled out "I am Uzumaki Naruto no. 1 ninja and I won't loose to you". Then Sasuke thinks of a plan. His plan was to make Naruto attack from the outside and Sasuke will attack from the outside. Then all of a sudden, Naruto is shown talking to Sasuke inside of Haku's technique. "Idiot. You were suppose to attack from the outside." Sasuke yells at him then Naruto applies “Well how am I supposed to know".

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