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Episode 140 - Two Beats, Kabuto's Trap! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 140 - Two Beats, Kabuto's Trap!. Written by Naruto685
The episode begins with Orochimaru, Kabuto and Sakura having their encounter within the hidden sound village domain. Sakura questions Orochimaru on whether Sasuke is alive or not. Orochimaru tells Kabuto to tell her the truth which is that Sasuke wasn’t strong enough to maintain the power of the curse seal and died after his battle with Naruto. Sakura is in disbelief and begins to cry and Kabuto decides to put her out of her misery and kill her. As a kunai is thrown straight at her, she remembers past events and at the same time, Naruto calls out for Sakura telling her not to believe anything he says, it’s all a lie! Naruto fights with Kabuto and uses the kage bushin no jutsu and begins to play around with Kabuto making him waste his kunais. As the clones come out of hiding, Kabuto uses a fire technique that blows all the clones away. Kabuto thinks he won but behind him Naruto strikes with the Rasengan!!
Kabuto gets blown away towards the wall, as Sakura and Naruto walk towards him to confront him, Naruto stops and Kabuto tells him about the chakra threads he put on him just before he went flying. He told Naruto to look closely on where the threads led, it turns out that the threads led to his heart telling Naruto that if he kills himself, he’ll take down Naruto with him. Kabuto then pulls out his own heart and to the fright of Sakura. He then tells Naruto to make sure he says hi to Sasuke up there and he squeezes his heart to pressurize the chakra threads and they begin to hurt Naruto.
Sakura tries to cut the threads with a kunai but it won’t cut because their made out of chakra. All of the sudden, Sasame comes from nowhere and hands Sakura a seal and instructs her to place it on the handle of the kunai and the threads will cut. Sakura does it and it works. Naruto and Kabuto separate as the chakra seems to have hurt both parties badly. Naruto falls over and Sakura goes over to see how he is. Naruto looks dead and Sakura begins to cry saying out Naruto’s name; then his heartbeat returns and Sakura looks up to see Naruto’s face all red. Naruto says his chest hurts and gets a punch for making Sakura worry.
Naruto explains afterwards that Sasame was the one who saved Naruto and Gamakichi from the underwater trap and Sakura asks how Sasame’s seal cut the threads. Sasame explains that the heart chakra thread technique used is one of the Fuuma Clan. Naruto goes over to the dead body of Kabuto to reveal he is actually a Fuuma clan Jounin where he continues to tell Naruto and the others where Orochimaru is. He points to a huge door on the other side of the room and when they go there, they begin to open it to find, none other than Arashi, Sasame’s cousin.

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