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Episode 142 - The Evil Trio of the High Security Installation! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 142 - The Evil Trio of the High Security Installation!. Written by neil
Naruto episode 142

at the beginning all the genin are training. Lee seams to be fit enough to train very hard. All the kids at the academy are saying goodbye to the sand ninja as they leave kohona. Jyiara visits naruto and tells him that he won’t be able to train which annoyed him off a lot. At the ninja felony prison some guy with purple hair steals a tool (guessing to use as a weapon). There are 2 fat guys Fuujin and Raijin who have a very large appetite break out of their cell with out any problem (very strong) and encounter a guard. They get very mad when they find out he has no food. Luckily another guard has some food which apparently save his life because they get out of control when they get mad. But when they get back to their cell they smell food and go searching for it. They encounter someone they called their brother(same guy that stole the tool). Tusende calls Asuma and kurenai sensei and asks them to investigate something that has to do with the incident when naruto stole the scroll at the beginning of the series. She also says it has to do with Orochimaru it turns out that Naruto was listening and looks like he is really pissed. When asuma and kurenai get to the ninja prison the are met with the 2 fat guys. But later on they realise that all the inmates have escaped. Naruto finds Asuma and kurenai on the ground and looks really scared.

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