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Episode 148 - Super Pursuit Power Even Akamaru Is Jealous Of! Seek The Mysterious Bikouchuu Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 148 - Super Pursuit Power Even Akamaru Is Jealous Of! Seek The Mysterious Bikouchuu. Written by steve
The episode starts off with Hinata, Kiba, and Shino at the hospital on their way to visit Kurenai. They run into Tsunade and Shizune (Tsunade doesn't wanna work). Then Kiba and Shino start teasing Hinata on the fact that she fainted the last time she went to visit Naruto. Hinata opens the door to Kurenai's room to find herself face to face with Naruto who is hanging from the ceilling. Hinata turns bright red being so close to Naruto and nervously headbuts him sending him flying across the room. Then Hinata faints (again) and finds herself waking up in a hospital bed an hour later. Kurenai is talking with Shizune reguarding the Mizuki affair (F.Y.I. he came back after Orochimaru experimented on him and was defeated by Naruto and Iruka). He doesn't know anything about Sasuke, or Orochimaru's whereabouts (big surprise). Everyone then notices Naruto outside arguing w/ Granny Tsunade concerning Sasuke's rescue mission. Tsunade still won;t budge since they have no clue as to where he is. Cut to Neji training with Hinata's dad with Kiba and Shino waiting outside. Hinata leaves w/ Kiba and Shino to go train. Meanwhile Neji is told by Hinata's father that protecting Hinata would be a good training meathod (wut an ass). Cut to Hinata breathing heavy in the forest with waves of Shirukens coming at her from the right and left. She activates her Byakuugan and in a sec there's about 100 broken shirukens on the ground. Break time! Kiba and Shino complement Hinata's diligence. They both think she's almost mastered "IT". They all then talk about teamwork which leads to how shitty Naruto must be feeling right now. They want to help Naruto but they don't have any clues. Correction, only one: the legendary Bikouchuu (no it isn't a pokemon...). In Tsuande's office Shino explains that if they find the Bikouchuu, then Sasuke can be found. Tsunade explains that the Bikouchuuu is rare bug with a powerful sense of smell. They only lay one egg every several years in only a very specific area. When the egg hatches, whatever the smell is, the Bikouchuu will go after it to finnd the source. Guess what, it's breeding season! There's only a 10% chance at finding a Bikouchuu but u all know how Tsunade loves to gamble! Tsunade assigns them to their mission, but not before throwng a shiruken at the ceilling, revealing Naruto who was listening to the entire conversation. Of course he gets to go but on one condition. If he can't find the Bikouchuu, then he has to give up on finding Sasuke. The nect day everyone is leaving for the mission. At Hinata's, her father tells her to try and not get in everyone's way (wut an ass). On her way out she turns a corner and comes face to face with Neji. She then does this really quick turn thingy (Neji wonders when she learned to move so quickly). Cut to Shino, Hinata, Kiba, and Naruto on their way. Naruto sprints off in front of everyone, looking back about a mile to see that everyone else is just strolling allong. Shino tells him not to worry about time, and tells Naruto that "I am the leader of this team. I will have you do as I say on this mission." (you'll be hearinig that allot this episode). Back at Tsunade's Sakura is has now progressed to healing injured rabbits (I think she's a level 8 or 9 now, which is really good for her age). Sakura says there is no need for her to go on the mission since they have Hinata's eyes, Kiba's nose, and Shino's knawledge of bugs. She wants to become the best ninja she can right now. Back to the others, the sun sets and Shino decides its time to set up camp. Naruto says thats B.S. and he's not tired. Shino comes face to face with Naruto, "I am the leader of this team. I will have..." OK Naruto understands now. They all go to bed and Naruto falls asleep first (big surprise). In the middle of the night, Naruto gets up to take a piss when he notices a beautiful naked girl standing on the water of a nearby whaterfall (guess who it is). Naruto goes out to see who it is but she runs off. The next morning Naruto sneazes as he tells Kiba of the beautiful girl he saw the night before who was moving the water around her. Hinata turns red again. She starts sneazing now. They all stop for a food break. Shino tells them all to eat only the fruit that is smaller than them because the big kind can cause pain. Of course we see Naruto hanging onto a giant fruit eating his weight in it. An hour later everyone is yelling for Naruto (who has a massive case of the runs) to hurry up. He tells them he's ready as his pants fall down (Hinata turns red again). Finally they reach the Bikouchuu breeding grounds (it's like a huge crater w/ a forest in it). They start climbing down the huge cliff when naruto falls who is saved by Shino's bugs (acting as a rope). When they reach the ground we see three nerdy looking ninjas up in a nearby tree. They realize that they're not only Konoha ninjas, but they're looking for the Bikouchuu. It turns out that they are from a clan like Shino's; the Kamezuruichi clan.

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