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Episode 149 - How are they different? Don't all bugs look the same? Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 149 - How are they different? Don't all bugs look the same?. Written by steve
This episode starts off with Tsunade relaxing in a hot spring sipping on sake. Shizune comes marching in presenting Tsuande with several huge piles of paper work. Tsunade picks up the first one indicating that the Kamizurui clan is in unrest. Who are they you ask? They are a clan of bug users (from the hidden rock village) just like the Aburame clan of Konoha except they use bees as a medium. Tsunade just crumples the report up, knowing that there aren't enough of those clan members left to cause any problems. Over in the Bikouchuu forest, the three members of the Kamizurui clan (I'll just reffer to them as the three stooges) realize that Shino is definately a member of the famous Aburame clan. Shino shows everyone a picture of the Bikouchuu so they can make a match. Naruto states that he has allready seen many of them in his own home. Shino corrects him, telling him that those are cockroaches. From their hiding place, the stooges decide to let Shino and the others find the Bikouchuu for them. And their off! Naruto just stands around looking for them while Shino uses a technique that attracts bugs with a giant spider web of chakra, but no match. Shino is well aware that they are being watched, but he just ignores it and gets his destruction bugs ready. Meanwhile, Kiba's having no luck sniffing it out, and Hinata's Byakuugan is showing her didly, but she does also see the three stooges who are using an invisibility technique. Everyone now knows of the three stooges wherabouts (these guys suck at hide-and-go-seek). Naruto comes sprinting over claiming that he found a Bikouchuu but its only a helmet beetle. After break time, Naruto comes over again with another Bikouchuu sighting. He did find a Bikouchuu this time, but there is a slight problem; IT'S FREAKIN HUGE!!!. As Shino explains how vicious a Bikouchuu is by nature, Naruto pokes it with a stick in its long horn. The Bikouchuu then goes on a rampage, passing right by Naruto and the others, and crashing right into the three stooges hiding spot. Cut to night. Everyone is asleep except for Hinata whose doing something with the water again. One of the stooges (the girl) are impressed with Hinata's work ethic. That morning everyone is back searching for the Bikouchuu while Naruto is still asleep. Shino senses that it is going to rain soon which means bad news since the Bikouchuu only lay their eggs when it rains. Naruto goes into serious mode knowing that this is his only clue to Sasuke's wherabouts. Over at the three stooges hiding spot (which sucks), they decide that if Shino and the others don't find a Bikouchuu, then they will kill him (like they could). Turns out that the Aburame clan was the cause of their clan's loss of status and power. Now Hinata gets into serious mode after thinking about her father dissing her ("try not to get in anyone's way"). She activates her Byakuugan which is not much more effective since it's rainning. She eventually sees one and Naruto manages to snag it. Later on Hinata is washing herself in the river when some shirukens come flying at her. She easily dodges them. The three stooges are impressed. The ugly girl then summons a bunch of bees. Hinata destroys them all but each one she destroys splatters wax on her, instantly hardening. One of the bees then manages to sting her, knocking her out cold. Shino and the others wonder what is taking Hinata so long when a shiruken with a not attatched comes at them. They'll give up Hinata in exchange for the Bikouchuu. The episode ends with a shot of the three stooges with Hinata tied up behind them in a giant bee hive.

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