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Episode 150 - Deceive, confuse, and be deceived. The grand bug battle. Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 150 - Deceive, confuse, and be deceived. The grand bug battle.. Written by laine
Kiba fills Naruto in on the three baddies who have been watching them. Naruto asks why they didn't tell him. Because Naruto would have made a huge ruckus and scared the bugs away. Shino explains that if they try to battle the Kamizuri clan, the Bikouchuu will most likely be injured. That's why they want an exchange. They waited until Hinata was alone and attacked her with bees.

Shino explains that another bug clan, the Kamizuri clan, lives in Hidden Rock Village. Around the time of his grandfather, the Kamizuri were of the same status as the Aburame. Then, one day, the Kamizuri decided to attack Konoha. Their plan was to release a swarm of bees to create confusion in the village and then attack with the main force. However, the Aburame clan discovered them while they were still within the forest and defeated the intruders. This battle secured the Aburame clan's status within Konoha while causing the Kamizuri clan to lose their status in Hidden Rock Village.

Meanwhile, Hinata awakens to find herself plastered on the wall of a large bee hive as bees swarm around her. She can hear her captors talking below. Since the Chuunin exam, Konoha has been in bad shape. They've lost their Hokage and many of their shinobi. Now, the Kamizuri clan has a chance to restore their name. To do so, they must find the scroll that Suzumebachi's grandfather hid which contains secret bug techniques. If they can find it, their clan will be able to take on bigger shinobi jobs and they can restore their clan's elite status.

Shino sends out a swarm of scouting bugs but only one returns. Naruto refuses to give up on Hinata but realizes that the Bikouchuu bug is their best chance of finding Sasuke. Shino explains that this mission was Hinata's idea and she had argued for it passionately so they'd like to complete it successfully if possible.

The boys decide to go to the exchange place in hope that they can get Hinata back without sacrificing their bug. Suzumebachi holds Hinata as Shino places the bug container before them. When the Kamizuri clan examines the bug, they quickly realize it's just a replacement and smash the glass to reveal a common helmet beetle. Shino calls for his destruction bugs (Kikaichuu) while Kiba rescues Hinata.

Naruto punches Kurobachi while Shino sends his bugs after Suzumebachi and Jibachi. Kiba sniffs Hinata and realizes she's a fake. The others melt into beeswax as well and a swarm of bees overwhelm the boys. Shino quickly sees that some bugs are clones while others are real and puts up his shield, Mushikabe no jutsu (Bug Wall), which is a lot like Neji's Kaiten only made up of bugs.

When the bees retreat, Suzumebachi confronts the genin. She had intended to give Hinata back but not now. She also knows that as a fellow bug user, Shino wouldn't have brought the Bikouchuu into a dangerous battle so she will kill them now then go looking for the bug. She sends another swarm of bees, this time equipped with explosion tags. They hit Shino's Mushikabe and there is a huge explosion. Suzumebachi then uses Hachi Senbon no jutsu (Thousand Bee Stings) and her bees shoot spikes at the boys.

The boys escape Suzumebachi for the moment and Shino assures them that the Bikouchuu is safe. They decide to focus on rescuing Hinata. Akamaru sniffs at the ground where a number of Shino's bugs lie dead and the boys know they are close. They soon find the entrance to the bee hive and walk inside. Hinata is trapped in a cocoon of honey. Naruto pulls her out and the boys chisel the honey away.

When Hinata is free she happily throws her arms around Naruto. Shino throws a kunai at her and demands to know where the real Hinata is. If she was really Hinata, she would have blushed and lost consciousness after hugging Naruto. Akamaru also senses two distinct smells. When Hinata pleads with Naruto, Shino asks what she tried to place on Naruto's back. She opens her hand to reveal an explosion tag then morphs into Suzumebachi. She wore Hinata's clothes to mask her smell.

Meanwhile, the real Hinata is hanging by a thread in the river upstream from a waterfall. Thirteen bees guard the rope. If she moves, they'll slice it, sending her down the river to her death. Sadly, she reflects on how in the end, all she did was get in everyone's way.

Suzumebachi uses explosion tags to trap the boys in the bee hive. Kiba catches them before they land on several ugly, chakra eating larva. Hinata hears the explosions from the river and realizes the boys haven't given up. She shouldn't either. She Byukugans and surveys her surroundings. If she could only defeat all 13 bees at once, she could free herself. With Naruto in her thoughts, she concentrates and controls her chakra. A whirlpool forms in the water and she sends 13 water spikes at the bees. She hits 12, narrowly missing the thirteenth, before the rope is cut, sending her flying downstream towards death.

Back at the bee hive, the boys aren't doing much better. Suzumebachi calls Kuchiyose no jutsu to summon a large bug at the hive's exit above them. Below them crawl the chakra eating larvae. How will they get out of this one?

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