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Episode 151 - Blazing Byakugan! This is my way of the ninja! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Blazing Byakugan! This is my way of the ninja!. Written by Waterchan

Kiba and Naruto fall to the ground as their chakra gets sucked out of them. Shino throws a kunai at the queen bee, but the kunai is bounced off. The angered bee showers them with honey.

As Hinata continues to be swept away by the current, she uses her Byakugan to see how far she is from the fall and thinks that she won't make it out in time. She thinks about Naruto and remembers how he would not give up in any kind of situation. She continues to use her chakra to cut through the caccoon.

Meanwhile, Shino is releasing bugs from his neck. To Naruto's shock, he proposes a trade - the location of the Bikouchuu in exchange for Hinata. He tells their captors that they would never find the Bikouchuu by themselves in time, and would regret denying the offer.

We see Shino's bugs making their way to Naruto. Naruto mutters Hinata's name, and Shino tells him that Hinata is far stronger than he thinks. The captors agree to their terms and carry Shino, Kiba and Naruto to where they were holding Hinata. They arrive at the spot and see that Hinata is no longer there, and Jibachi concludes that she must have tried to escape and fallen down the waterfall. A wide-eyed Naruto angrily says that he will never forgive him. Since the agreement can no longer be fulfilled, the three Kamizuri say that they will simply take the boys' lives unless they reveal the location of the Bikouchuu. Shino, left with no alternative, begins to mouth something, but Naruto angrily interrupts him. Jibachi is angered and stomps several times on Naruto's head. Suddenly he sees Naruto's bloody but changed face, due to Kyubi's seal becoming slightly loosened, and panics. Jibachi takes out a kunai and prepares to finish Naruto when a explosion-tagged kunai hits the ground near him

The smoke clears and Hinata is seen. She assumes her traditional fighting stance. At the last moment, she had cut through the caccoon with her chakra and leapt out of the caccoon. Naruto struggles, but Hinata tells everyone to leave the Rock trio to her. The three of them release Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu (Bee Bombardment), Hachi Senbon no Jutsu (Thousand Bee Stings) and Hachimitsu no Jutsu (Honey Attack). The bees begin to swarm Hinata, but she wishes for Naruto to watch her and begins to charge a technique...

Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshuu (Guardian of Eight Divination Seals: Sixty-four Strikes). Thin lines of chakra spreading out from her hands in all directions cut through the bees at a speed similar to that of Neji's. Naruto stares at Hinata in disbelief that she is executing such an impressive technique. Shino tells Naruto that the weak, fearful Hinata he knew was no more and she has been steadily improving her skills with her teammates from Team 8 since the Chuunin Exam. The result of her arduous training has been her own style and this personal technique.

Shino breaks out of his caccoon and explains to the astonished Naruto that angering the queen bee and getting themselves trapped in wax was part of his plan. While they were beeing trapped, Shino had ordered the bugs to secretly weaken their caccoons. Naruto breaks out and Shino, while helping Kiba, explains that Hinata has significantly improved her chakra control and this new technique of hers is a result. Her precise chakra control and flexibility have given her a complete range of attack and an absolute defense. He adds that mostly likely, she did this to be acknowledged by her father, by everyone, and by Naruto.

The Kamizuri are additionally surprised that the boys got out. Suzumebachi summons the queen bee, which covers Hinata in honey and rushes at her, sending her flying up and falling down hard. Naruto begins to run towards her, but Shino restrains him and asks him to believe in her. Hinata gets up, focus chakra in her palms and creates a shield of chakra around herself. The queen bee runs into it and is thrown back and into some water.

Exhausted, Hinata begins to collapse, but is caught in Naruto's arms. Naruto smiles right at her and exclaims how amazing she was. A delighted Hinata looks up at him and buries her face in his chest.

The four of them retrieve the Bikouchuu container, which was hidden under a tree, and prepare to return to Konoha. From a distance, Suzumebachi mutters that her bugs would have been able to detect the Bikouchuu immediately. Shino explains that the container was covered with a special Aburame antibug ointment that prevents bees from approaching it. Suzumebachi brings out her queen bee and says that she will not let their mission succeed, even if she has to risk her life. Naruto kage bushins a replica of himself and charges Rasengan. Suzumebachi, mounted on her queen bee, charges the group but meets Naruto's Rasengan, violently clearing a long path through the forest trees in the process.

The pupa is metamorphosing, but Naruto has lost Sasuke's forehead protector. Hinata byakugans, and points Naruto to its location. Before he can grab it, the pupa fully hatches and Naruto farts. Shino opens the container and the Bikouchuu flies out to rest on Naruto's behind. It is too late to expose the bug to Sasuke's scent now.

Back at Konoha, a furious Sakura chases Naruto across the rooftops. Sakura loses him, and stops to see a Bikouchuu fly across her and rest on a young woman's behind. Realizing that she is actually Naruto's transformation, she jumps and hits Naruto on the head. Losing his disguise, Naruto continues to flee from the mad Sakura.

In the Hokage's office, Tsunade says to Shizune that Hinata must be depressed at the mission's failure, but Shizune assures Tsunade that this is not the case. At the home of the Hyuuga, Hinata agrees with her father - with a smile - that the mission was a total failure, and that she would train and try harder next time. Her father tells her to do her best, and we see Neji smiling next to him.

Hinata looks up at the sky and wonders of improving herself more and more...

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Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Blazing Byakugan! This is my way of the ninja!. Written by Lisa
We start with the opening theme like normal. Kiba falls to the ground because of his loss of Chakra. Naruto calls out his name and then falls after him as well. Shino throws the star at the bee which gets angry and covers them in a cocoon. We then see Hinata floating down the river cover in a cocoon of her own. She tries to focus her chakra to get out of her cocoon but only gets a small hole. She uses her Byakugan to see ahead of her. And sees that she is going to go down a waterfall. She gets pulled underwater and says that it's not good and she won't be able to make it back to the boys in time.

She starts to cry and thinks about Naruto. She thinks about him saying things like he is not good at giving up and she snaps out of her sad faze. She thinks about how Naruto never gives up and that she shouldn't either. She goes cutting along the cocoon nearing the water falls edge. You see her cocoon fall over the side of the waterfall into the dark.

We cut to two guys coming to the girl that caught Shino, Kiba, and Naruto. She calls the boys fools and the other men laugh at them. The man asked Shino if he was really a bug user, that he didn't know that bee's made cocoons. Naruto who is awake asked him the same thing. The women asked the two men if they know anything about the Bikouchuu. They say no because there bees couldn't find it. We see spiders coming out of Shino's neck and down his jacket.

They figure that Naruto and group had the Bikouchuu but don't think so but ask anyway. Naruto says that they would never tell them anything. But Shino told him that he would tell them, shocking Naruto. He says he would do it only in exchange for Hinata. Naruto's eyes go wide and the lady calls him a idiot for thinking about a trade. The man with blond hair asked them if they really know there position, but Shino says that they will never find it. He tells them time is running out and they'll end up regretting it.

The three group together and talk about what they should do. Then we see Shino's spider crawling to Naruto's cocoon. Naruto mutters Hinata. Shino asked if he's worries about her and Naruto answers of course. Shino informs him that she is strong and that confuses Naruto. "Far stronger then you think." Shino said turning to Naruto. The group of three will agree to there terms, Shino says Hinata first. The women smiles at them.

The groups of three carry Naruto, Shino, and Kiba to the place where they tied Hinata up only to find her missing. The man says that she was swept down the current which makes Naruto look up at the man. Naruto becomes infuriated with the group. He asks that what they did to Hinata inching his way toward them. The man says that Hinata is already in the pits of hell while stepping on Naruto’s head. The man starts to mock Hinata and Naruto. Naruto says he will never forgive them. Shino says that as long as Hinata isn’t here they won’t be able to find the Bikouchuu.

The women says that she didn’t plan on killing the girl but it doesn’t matter anyway. She says that she will just kill them too. The group which is from the Hidden rock village says that they are old enemies of the Hidden Leaf village after all. She said that they would naturally kill each other. The man who still has his foot on Naruto’s head starts pounding it on his head, the other man holds a kunai to Kiba’s neck. The women asks what Naruto will do, he glares up at the man hitting him with his fox like eyes. The man jumps back scared and pulls out his kunai and charges for Naruto saying he has to kill him.

Then suddenly out of no where a kunai knife with an exploding tag on it from the forest. The tags blows up and out of the smoke we see Hinata standing up throw the smoke. The group looks shocked to see Hinata alive. They show Hinata flying over the water fall, bursting out of her cocoon and handing onto a rock on the side of the waterfall. She said that it was close but she didn’t give up just like Naruto. The women says that Hinata is no ordinary brat. Naruto tries to break out of his cocoon to no avail, Hinata says that she will take care of it as the three group members spilt to attack. She starts to talk about an attack that she hasn’t used yet but she was going to use today.

The group members use there ‘Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu’ sending bees out of there capes. Talking to herself she asks Naruto to watch her as she focuses her chakra. She opens her Byakugan and uses her new technique, ’Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshou.’ Her hands fly about as bees start to fall as blue, almost needles chopped them up. Her hands are going everywhere as bees fall down around her.

Naruto asks how she could do such a cool jutsu. Shino says the Hinata he once knew was gone. Naruto asks what he means. He says that after the Chuunin exam he learned a new jutsu, Shino says it’s the same for Hinata. They show Hinata still going at it as Shino says that she always worried about her abilities.

They go to a flashback after the Chuunin exam where Shino has his bugs and Kiba and his dog are flying from tree to tree. Hinata says how nice it is to see them in an area where they can train. She says that have great hobbies and Shino says she will get hers too one day. She guessed he was right, as she watch Kiba flying around the trees. Shino guesses that she wanted something and Hinata answers yes, saying she wants them to help her train.

Shino says that Hinata was always worried about what she was meant to do or what she could/should do. Next they show Hinata falling through flying kunais, blocking from Shino’s bugs, and falling to the ground from an attack from Kiba. But she says not to worry, that if they care about her then take her and come at her seriously. They agree and Shino says she made her own training and practiced with water, and this was the result of her training.

Shino breaks out of his cocoon and Naruto is shocked and asked him how. Shino says that he let his spiders work because wax cocoons where that difficult to get out of. He said the only reason he got the bee mad was they could stay alive in the cocoons, that it was part of his plan.

Naruto soon breaks out of his. Shino starts to get Kiba’s cocoon off and says that Hinata improved her chakra control and that she has the best defense attack ever using her chakra from her hand. He says that her own technique, the ’Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshou.’ Kiba wakes up to see Hinata doing her attack and is shocked. Shino says she does it to be acknowledged by her father, everyone, and Naruto. Naruto is shocked and turns to watch Hinata still attacking the bees around her.

The three from before regroup and the lady summons her giant bee. It attacks Hinata in it’s wax cocoon thing but rams into her. Naruto wants to go after Hinata but Shino holds him back saying that he should believe in her. Hinata wipes the blond from her mouth and moves her hands in the motions from before asking her Chakra to be sharper, stronger, bigger, and more flexible. She asks for more, and more. The bee comes charging at her again but it gets blown away. The bee crashes into the trio. Hinata faints into Naruto’s arms and Naruto tells her that she learned a cool jutsu. She gets happy and says Naruto leaning into his chest.

We then see the group at a tree where they find the Bikouchuu. They find it as a pupa and they have to bring it back to the village and get it use to Sasuke’s scent. Then there mission was complete. Naruto holds Sasuke’s head band and tells him to wait for them.

The lady from the group came back injured. Shino tells her that her bees would never find it because the pupa has a Aburame-clan antibug ointment on it. The lady is shocked. But then calls her bee to attack them. Naruto does his Kage Bunshin no jutsu summons his Rasengan. Needless to say he blows her away. The pupa starts to open but Naruto blew away the bandana. Hinata uses her Byakugan and found it stuck between two logs.

Shino, Hinata, and Kiba stand behind Naruto as he reaches for the headband. Right before then pupa is born Naruto farts and the Bikouchuu gets use to Naruto’s sent as his fart. Naruto turns to see Kiba, Hinata and Shino holding her noses. Shino lets the Bikouchuu go and it lands on Naruto butt. Naruto freaks out and asks if they can change it, Shino said no.

We see the sun rise and Sakura is chasing after Naruto in the village. They jump from roof to roof and then she losses him. The Bikouchuu flies by and lands on a but and Sakura hits Naruto in the head.

The leader says that Hinata must be upset because this mission was for her. The other girl says not really. We see Hinata sitting next to Father and Neji on the other side, her father asked that her mission was a failure. Hinata smiles and says that, “Yes. It was a complete and utter failure.” But she said she was going to try her hardest on her training and next mission. Her dad smiled and said Do your best. Neji also smiles at her. Hinata looks up to the sky and thinks, “More, more, more…”

Then the end theme plays.

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