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Episode 152 - Requiem for the Living Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 152 - Requiem for the Living. Written by Chaz
It opens with hooded figures at a funeral, one is crying the loudest and is talking about revenge or something. One of the hooded figures, in the voice of a child, whispers, 'looks like another funeral will follow...'

It changes to a man falling from a cliff into darkness. When he wakes up he finds himself being carried on the back of a boy walking on water, with his comrades piled ontop of him. The boy says he's taking them to the Leaf Village and found them while he was training, and that his name is...Naruto! Yay!

Rock Lee is also training hard by the river bank, and sees Naruto struggling by. The scene changes to The Fifth Hokage in her office with Gai-sensei, explaining to him about his next S-rank mission with Neji, Lee, and...naruto! Gai goes made at the thought of Naruto coming too, but the Fifth explains that the people naruto rescued are from a river village, and have been sent on a mission for themselves to return home. naruto and co. have to help them back safely and get rid of the enemy.

Naturally Naruto rejects the mission as too easy, and gets into a fight with fifth hokage...again. "Neji, you are the leader! Watching over that idiot will be good training for you!" - Quote, Fifth Hokage, before throwing her chair out of the office window in annouyance.

So, Neji, Ton-ton, Lee and Naruto set off with the 3 men Naruto saved to return them to their village safly, drive off the enemy, and maybe get some info on Sasuke. On the way Naruto and Lee have play-fights with rocks, and Lee tells him of the time when he ran for 3 days straight while sleep walking with Gai-sensei. They then all stop at Lee's friends place, a 'Curry of Life' shop, where the old women their welcomes Lee kindly and tells them all the story of how they met.

They all sit down to a bowl of, as Lee puts it, the 'Curry Of Life', and end up going red in the face and sweating badly. When they recover, the old curry women speaks of her son, and how he, too, went of to the village Naruto and co.s trying to get to, and how her son never returned. Lee goes mad and demands they rescure him aswell.
Neji agrees.

Later that night one of the men Naruto saved runs off to get to the village by himself. Everyone runs off to find him, without a plan. The scene changes to a mountain side at night, with two hooded figures again. A childs voice says, 'Someones coming.' and a deep males replies, 'Looks like I'll have to prepare another funeral service...huh?'

And thats it ^^

P.S - Sakura and Naruto have a nice chat outside the hokages office at one point, and Lee and Naruto have Ramen together at the store. Tis pretty funny watching them eat like they did ^^

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Episode Summary for Episode 152 - Requiem for the Living. Written by bib_naruto14
In the beginning of this episode it's raining and there's a funeral going on in a village.While they were burying the coffin, it was shaking.In the distance, there are 3 men who are about to escape from the village. The guy who was crying said that there's going to be another funeral. While the 3 men were moving along the cliff side, a boulder fell down on them. When one of them woke up, Naruto was carrying the 3 of them on his back from the river. Lee is practicing nearby when he saw Naruto carrying the 3 men, he's determined to surpass Naruto and continues training.
The scene shifts to Master Tsunade's office where the ninjas are reporting to her the success of their missions. Gai-sensei is already over dramatically reporting to Master Tsunade his success in the mission. Master Tsunade asks Gai-sensei to call his students for a new mission and also wants Naruto to go along. Their mission is to escort the 3 men back to their village and defeat the clan that's killing the villagers. Naruto sees Sakura on the balcony and goes to talk to her. He sees how much Sakura has improved in medical ninjutsu when she healed a bird's broken wing. Lee goes over to them to tell Naruto that there's probably a clue to Sasuke's whereabouts in the village where they're about to go.
Neji, Lee, Tenten and Naruto are off to escort the 3 men. Before they reached the village, Naruto and company first stop by the store of Lee's friend, an old woman. The old woman relates to them how Gai-sensei and Lee were able to jog for 3 days while sleeping. After the story they all ate the food but Lee was the only one who liked it because it was super spicy.Lee asks her where the kid working at her store is. The old woman replies that after seeing how determined Lee and Gai-sensei were in training, the kid decided to leave the store and join the clan that's killing the villagers to become stronger. Lee vows that he will bring back the kid and defeat the murderous clan. While they were resting, one of the 3 men went off alone to the village. Alarmed, the ninjas went after him.

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