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Episode 154 - Natural Enemy of the Byakugan Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 154 - Natural Enemy of the Byakugan. Written by
The cloud from the lightning blast clears, and Neji focuses his Byakugan to see the hidden enemies. But the Byakugan fails him as he cannot see chakra points that are there, but sees them where they are not. Confused? So are Naruto, Tenten and Rock Lee!

Raigan maximizes the advantage and blasts the confused group with lightning and proceeds to kill Rock Lee... but a surprise awaits him. After an amazing show by Rock Lee, Naruto manages to end the fight with a Rasengan attack. The group learns of the nature of Byakugan's failure, and proceeds to complete the final minor tasks of the mission, to find a capable leader for the now leaderless clan. But is the mission truly at an end?

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