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Episode 156 - Raiga's Counterattack! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 156 - Raiga's Counterattack!. Written by Stephanie
The episode starts off with Naruto Neji and Lee in the woods carrying logs. They head back to the curry shop while Neji looks up at the sky. He notices that the storm came from the direction of Katabame Kinzan.
The scene then switches to Raiga. He looks down and sees Ranmaru on the floor unconcious. He tells him to wake up and stop joking around but Ranamaru stays unconcious. Raiga asks Karashi what happened to Ranmaru and says that Ranmary gave up his life so that Raiga could be alive. Tenten then wakes up and looks down the cliff which shows Raiga and Ranmaru. She tells herself that she has to stop Raiga. We then see Raiga turn around to deflect Tenten's weapons that she threw while running towards him. She then has a chain which uses to wrap Raiga but he used lighing to cut it loose. He then uses her own chain to whip her into a rock. He then was about to attack her but she takes out a scroll and takes out a wooden pole. She attacks him but his blade(or wtv its called) gets caught in the pole and she gets knocked out. He now grabs Karashi bythe neck and asks him whose fault was this and Karashi tells himtaht it was probably the ones from Konoha. So Raiga thretens to kill him if he doesnt bring Naruto Neji and Lee to him.
Tenten now regains conciousness and walks towards Ranmaru. It turns out that he's still alive and she tells him to hang on. While he's strapped onto her they find shelter at this little cabin.
Now..back to the curry shop..they just about finished fixing up the shop when Karashi comes running. He tells everyone that Tenten fell off a cliff while helping him train. Lee and Naruto decided to go help her out but Neji doesn't seem to believe him. Karashi then tells him that he'll meet up with them later after he gets the medical kit so Neji Lee and Naruto leave. Suddenly Karashi tells his mom that they have to leave immediately. He then has a flashback of Raiga sayign that if he didnt bring them to him then he will kill Karashi and his mom. But she refuses to leave and grabs onto a pole.
Back to Neji Naruto and Lee. Neji figures that it's probably a trap and that Raiga is maybe still alive.
Now back to Tenten and Ranmaru. He has a high fever and tells her that he'll die soon anyways so theres no point in trying to help him. She tells him to stop joking. The roof starts creeking and Tenten decided that it would probably be safer to go back to Sanshou-baasan's place. ( which is the curry shop)
K so now Raiga's like super pissed when he sees them and they're like "He still alive" :-O Naruto takes out his Kunai and is like charging at him while Neji notices that his Kunai is conducting Electricity and he tells Lee to help Naruto. Lee knocks it out of his hand and the next ting u kno theres like a huge ighing bolt striking the Kunai. Naruto notices that the charge is different this time and Neji tells him taht Raiga is probably using real lightning this time. NAruto uses KAge Bunshin no Jutsu like ten times almost while Neji sneaks up on RAiga from behind. He was just about to use Jyuuken when suddenly he got struck by lighing. (:-o)Next Naruto is struck by lighing and they both like pass out. Then lee shows up and takes out he weights from his legs. Back to Tenten shes carrying Ranmaru and they finally got to the curry shop. Sanshou-baasan starts preparing her curry of life for Ranmaru. Back to the battle They fight for a while and Lee then gets struck by lighing.
Back at the shop it turns out taht Sanshou-baasan messed up the spices so Karashi fixed it. RAnmaru refuses to eat it and asks her why is she tryign to save his life and she tells him taht helping eachother is what people do and she doesnt need a reason to help him. He then decides to try it and ends up finishing the whole plate. Tenten tells him that that's the feeling of living. Ranmaru then starts crying and wants Raiga to eat the curry too and she says lets go.
Back to the fight we see Naruto and Neji on the ground and then Lee who is still being electricuted. When it stops hes stillstanding and yousee Lee walking towards Raiga...Ending plays

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