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Episode 157 - Run!!! Curry of Life Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Run!!! Curry of Life. Written by Rin Owayo
We zoom in on Lee's battle with Raiga. Raiga questions why Lee bothers to stand up after being struck by lightning. Lee laughes and claims he is living to become a ninja...living to prove to Gai-sensei that he's strong enough. Raiga smirks at this and reaches his hands our. Lightning strikes his body, creating an image of a dragon, whose body is made of thunder. Lee attempts to block it.

Meanwhile, Sanshou-baasan rushes Karashi wit a pot full of curry on his back. Tenten leads the way, with Ranmaru on her back. They run up the mountain, trying to locate the others.

Lee gets struck by Raiga's powerful attack. Lee's skeletal images appear as a humorous intent. He rolls off the mountain. Raiga walks towards the edge to see what happened to Lee.

Back to Tenten. She tells Sanshou-baasan that she's going to go on ahead. She picks up speed and hops away. Tenten continues running, until she ran past Lee, who is edged between some rocks, still recovering from being struck by lightning. She takes a couple steps back and sees Lee.

Lee flops onto the ground and Sanshou-baasan and Karashi catch up, as Karashi collaspes on the ground with a heavy pot of curry on his back. Tenten grabs Lee by the shoulders and shakes him hard. He doesn't wake up. Tenten pleads Sanshou-baasan to feed the curry of life to Lee. Sanshou picks up two plates of curry and tells Tenten to find the others while she, herself takes care of Lee.

Tenten drops Lee and picks up a plate. She claims she's going to find Naruto and leaves Ranmaru with the others. Karashi takes the other plate to go find Neji. Ranmaru opens up Lee's mouth and Sanshou scoops a spoonful of curry down his mouth. He remains unconscious...but then, hops back to his feet, and swallows up the remaining curry in the pot.

Tenten finds Naruto and feeds him the curry. He wakes up and spits out flames through his mouth and waves his arms at Tenten, mad. He then asks her "eh? Tenten? Didn't you fall off a cliff?" Tenten looks at him pitifully...

We zoom in on Neji. Karashi feeds him a spoonful of curry. He wakes up abruptly and his eyes turn into circles. But then, he went right back to being unconscious again. Meanwhile, Lee waffows down the curry and his cheeks turn red. Ranmaru senses that something is wrong and flashes back to when Karashi spilled an entire bottle of wine into the curry before they left to find Lee and the others. Lee is drunk...

We go back to Raiga. He looks down the mountain and walks away. he then spots Ranmaru, who walks up to him. They rejoice while Tenten and Naruto spy on them behind some rocks. Naruto is surprised Raiga is still alive and Tenten tells him that Ranmaru revived him with his own chakra. tenten explains the whole story to him.

Raiga happily places Ranmaru up on his shoulders. He tells him they will continue to rob people like they always do. Ranmaru smiles and nods. He makes smoke come out of his clothes and it fogs up Raiga's view around him. Raiga is surprised at the sudden fog but answers that he has nothing to worry about with Ranmaru as his eyes to guide him. Ranmaru lies that the others are dead.

Ranmaru then guides Raiga towards the edge of the mountain to a steep cliff. Of course, Raiga has no idea where he's going. Tenten gasps and figures that Ranmaru is purposely leading the both of them down the cliff to commit suicide, making up for all the evil they'd done. Naruto gasps and runs towards Raiga and ranmaru to stop them, but not before he hears Lee's drunken voice.

raiga is surprised that Lee is still alive. Lee, with his drunken mood, charges at Raiga, breaking the fog away. Raiga takes a step back and the rocks crumble away at his feet, as he was nearly about to step off the cliff. Raiga then, raises his weapon and strikes lightning at Lee, who dodges every attempt. He runs up to Raiga and kicks his chin, sending Ranmaru toppling off a hill, fortunatly, Naruto catches him. Naruto tells Ranmaru to stay put, but Ranmaru begs him to take him with him.

Raiga is mad at Lee for losing Ranmaru and sends electric charges through his own body, preparing to attack. Lee smirks and wobbles around. They both charge at each other, sending both of them toppling the opposite direction. Raiga gets up, and prepares to kill Lee who was lying on the ground, too drunk, before Naruto and Ranmaru jumps in front of Lee. Ranmaru blocks Lee from Raiga.

Raiga questions Ranmaru's actions. Ranmaru wants Raiga to taste the curry of life. He wants him to stop doing evil. But Raiga covers his ears and says that they can no longer be one if Ranmaru is so selfish. Raiga then raises his lightning staff prepared to kill Ranmaru, before Naruto steps in front, creating a bunch of Kage Bunshin clones to block Raiga. Raiga smirks. lee wakes up and looks around, seeing a bunch of "Naruto-kuns". But he falls back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Karashi attempts to wake Neji up. neji opens his eyes...Tenten is standing above him with Karashi. She shakes her head and takes the plate of Curry. Tenten starts feeding Neji and tells him to get up since they are in trouble. Karashi waves his hands around, warning Tenten to put the curry down, but it's too late. Neji's face turns red, he makes choking noises and waves his hands around and gasps for breath before falling back unconscious. Tenten goes, "Eh?"

Back in the battle with Raiga, he taunts that he and Ranmaru cannot be together again if Ranmaru is so selfish. But Naruto convinces Ranmaru that it's better to laugh with everyone else. He says that Ranmaru is now free from Raiga. Naruto faces Raiga and questions about Kisame and the other Seven Shinobi lords. Raiga says he hates them and wants to prepare a funeral next time they meet.

Raiga then takes his staff and lightning strikes all the Naruto clones and makes them vanish. But, several extra Naruto clones rush at Raiga, attacking with a new technique that knocks Raiga on the head numerous times. the Naruto clones then pounce on Raiga and he falls off the cliff.

But before falling off, Raiga smiles and says, "Ranmaru...you're free now." Ranmaru stares at Raiga with shock as Raiga continues to fall down the cliff. He summons the lightning to kill himself.

THE MISSION IS A SUCSESS. The 4 genin are back at the Curry house. Karashi is lecturing Ranmaru telling him that the curry he made is all wrong. Sanshou runs up to Karashi and knocks him on the head. She says that he needs to retrain his curry-making skills because he is too young to be making real life curry. Ranmaru giggles.

The three genin are about to leave, after saying some last words. But Sanshou tells them to first eat a special curry she prepared before leaving. Naruto and the others turn around and see a dark red, bubbling curry on the table.

They all flinch and Lee stares admiringly at the curry. "AHH! DOESN'T THIS LOOK GOOD?" The others shout at him like he's crazy saying, "ARE YOU SERIOUS, LEE?"

Neji then makes an excuse that tsunade will be mad if they took any longer and Naruto plays along, dragging Lee away as they leave the shop. tenten runs after them shouting, "WAIT UP!"

They leave the shop.

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