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Episode 159 - Enemy or Ally?! Wilderness Bounty Hunting Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Enemy or Ally?! Wilderness Bounty Hunting. Written by Tim
The episode starts off with Kiba and Akamaru running through a field, then it cuts to Naruto and Hinata having a picnick. Naruto gets mad because he is in a hurry to finish the mission and they are messing around. The mission requires Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata to go to the stone country and apprehend a thief who broke into someones house in Konoha. As they enter the country they come to a desert ghost town where they meet a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter helps them out in the town, but he turns and them when he finds out they are after the thief guy (apparently the thief naruto and company are after is a major wanted criminal in the stone country). Anyway the bounty hunter easilly knocks out Hinata, Kiba and eventually Naruto. He then catches up with the thief (who is a shinobi), as the bounty hunter fights some henchmen, the thief guy uses a ninjutsu that makes nails come out of the ground. He is about to kill the bounty hunter when Naruto's team shows up and scares them off. They take the bounty hunter to a house to rest when Hinata senses that someone is going to attack them. A man (another bounty hunter) crashes through the door but he is attacked by Naruto and Kiba. As he runs off, he drops a wanted poster showing a man with a bird scar on his chest. Hinata suddenly realizes that the bounty hunter guy has a bird scar on his chest...

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