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Episode 161 - Meeting the Strang Visitor, Green Beast? Wild Beast?...Animal? Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Meeting the Strang Visitor, Green Beast? Wild Beast?...Animal?. Written by Kuro-Tori
Starts out with Gai and Lee leaving on a mission. As they leave there are two men watching them in some trees. They mention themselves as brothers and that they are going to sneak inside Konoha as Lee and Gai and collect information. In the village they are looking for the Hokage and on their way the first peron they meet is Kakashi.

After he says that they are acting wierd they try to distract him pointing out that there is a bird eating noodles and meat flying behind him. Kakashi turns and they run away. Kakashi tells Tsunade that the are Gai and Lee imposters running around. Instead of doing anything, Tsunade says to leave it be.

The next person the 2 brothers meet is Naruto, who has fallen for their disguises. He asks if he can train with them but they say no. Naruto uses the ninja harem jutsu and they say yes. Then Tenten calls to them from her window and jumping down says that they are supposed to be helping out at a rice farm and drags them there. Naruto figures this as a kinda training and they start planting rice when the younger brother dressed as Lee gets bitten by a Flying leech, which can be deadly. They struggle against the leechs but finally plant all the rice.

The old man who owns the farm now says they have to put some stuff that looks suspiciously like manure over the fields. When they finally fnish all the work at the farm Sakura comes and asks Gai to help her get her laundry which was blown away to the top of a cliff. Naruto says that he will help her but she punches him in the gut.

Later on the imposters are climbing the cliff to reach the laundry. Naruto asks why they dont just use their chakra to walk and they say its better trsining to use your hands so Naruto proceeds to climb manually as well.

They reach the laundry but when they both grab it it flies off with them attached and they fall into some trees. Naruto says that they are awesome for not using their chakra and while they are still in the tree Tsunade comes.

She says her Kuchiyose slug, Katsuya, is sick and they need to help it. Not wanting to be exposed and needing to get the valuble info they say they will help. While trying to help the her, katsuya sneezes and it turns out to be acid. Naruto sees the Lee imposter getting burned and says his eyes are open and he will train with them.

Naruto jumps out towards Katsuya who says her stomach hurts and she feels like shes falling apart and she splits into many little Katsuyas.

Scene cuts to the imposters leaving and saying that if they stay in konoha any longer they will surely die. But as they leave the gate they see the actual Gai and Lee/ They try to attck using Super Excellent Great Hyper Attack. Lee and Gai counter with Double Dynamic Entry and effectivly blow them away.

The last scene is of Tenten sitting in a tree with Tsunade, Sakura, Shizune and Tonton under it. Tsunade says that they will probably never try anything wierd again after that. Shizune says that Tsunade mustve had alotta fun and She answers that she couldnt have done it without her cute genin team.

Shizune says they should get back to work and Sakura wonders what was up with Naruto that he actually believed them.

Meanwhile Lee and Gai are wondering what just happened when Naruto runs up to them and talks about the great training they did together and confuzzles the heck outta them.

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