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Episode 168 - Burn Zundou! Mix, Stretch, Boil! Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 168 - Burn Zundou! Mix, Stretch, Boil!. Written by Naruto685
The episode begins with Chouji and Naruto wanting to go to the ramen shop after a hard mission. When they get there...they find out that the shop is "temporally closed". Chouji finds out that there's something cooking inside....they sneak in to find the old man cooking a new menu to what they presume. The old man knocks them out of the ceiling and they order a few bowls. Before Naruto get s a chance to eat, Chouji tells him that when eating ramen, you should drink the soup first, they drink it to find out it's really good!!!! The try to noodles to find out that the noodles are the same and that they don't match the quality of the soup. The old man then passes out to reveal that he has burns.

Naruto and Chouji ask sakura to help and while curing him, Chouji explains what a cooking ninja is and also, they find out from the old man that a rival cook, a cooking ninja kidnapped his daughter ayame. He says he's been cooking for two weeks straight trying to figure out a new noodle recipe and that there is a challenge from his rival to come and cook for him to prove he is the best ramen chef in all of the fire country. Naruto asks the old man if they can help and he says yes.

Naruto, Sakura and Chouji learn how to make the noodles by learning that noodles have to be mixed, kneaded and stretched to perfect form to match his noodles. The next day, they arrive at the location of the cook-off and begin making the noodles. Naruto being stupid plays around with the dough and forms a kakashi. Sakura gets mad and smashes the dough far away. They use the remaining ingredients and Naruto uses the kage bushin no jutsu and makes a rasengan to mix the ingredients. He forms it into a jiraiya and sakura gets mad again, then sakura to use her monster strength to pound the dough. Naruto passes it to chouji who uses his stretch arm technique to make the noodles.

The cooking ninja are in amazed and tells them that they must all be served at once and there are over 100 of the cooking ninja present. Naruto then uses the taisho kage bushin no jutsu to cook the noodles and serve the ramen. The cooking ninja eat and are satisfied completely. The cooking ninja heard a rumor that the old man had a demon recipe for perfect food on the road. They got confused with his soup recipe and returned ayame to her father. Except, SHE’S FAT!!!

A few weeks later, they return to the ramen shop to find ayame back to normal and a lot of females lining up at the shop to find out from sakura that the old man created a new “diet menu” for women specifically. They also see the old man ate his own diet ramen and lost too much weight.

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